Comodo Backup 3.x - Couple Issues

  1. Changing the default backup location causes the main executable to stop responding. (Unknown as to why)
  2. Editing or saving a new backup schedule always causes an error (can’t edit or save a new backup schedule) It just says there was an error and changes nothing.

That’s about all I can tell you, if the program was more specific with the errors I could tell you more.

Just an addition:
I can edit the settings for them in Task Scheduler. Seems kind of pointless if you can’t edit the settings in the program itself but you can manually edit them using task scheduler.

Hey ZoneMaster60

Can you tell you how you installed CB? and could also tell me what the error says (It would be best if you take a screenshot)

Thanks and take care

Valentin N

I don’t understand. What do you mean ‘how’ I installed it? I installed it like any other program that I would install…you click on the install exe and you go from there, there is not much to tell really. I’ve never had issues installing anything on my system.

I make a schedule or edit for that matter and click save schedule…

And it displays this error, although not very informative…

That’s the error, nothing else. Sorry I can’t give you something more detailed if I don’t have that option. It’s not a big deal, I can always do a Manual backup. Just seems pointless to have scheduling if it doesn’t work correctly.

I asked because CB needs to be installed as admin. And thanks for the screenshots; I will take a look and I will try myself.

Valentin N

Please try to set other day than Sunday and make sure you have the latest version ( in About.


I always install as Admin, I never use UAC I always turn it off. UAC in my opinion causes nothing but problems. This also occurs on my wife’s computer and hers is basically a new install only a couple months old.

OK, I’ll try what you suggest and see what happens.

  1. The about reads version 3.0.171317.130
  2. Doesn’t matter what day I set it to, I still get the same error.

Sorry to be short with this but, I don’t have the patience to be a beta-tester for you. These problems should have been fixed before release. 3 computers with the same exact problems, unacceptable.

Uninstalled and moving on to something else.