COMODO BackUp 3.0 build 96 Public Release

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Release Notes


Online Backup.
Keep your important files safe and access them from any computer. Online backup got better. It supports all type of backups including .cbu, .zip, .iso, sync and simple copy

Online Drive.
You can listen to music, view pictures, play videos and others directly from online storage. Just click mount as local drive in Online Backup tab.

Easy-to-use GUI.
GUI just got easier to use. Create backups with a few clicks or choose advanced mode if you need extra settings, Save your backups as custom profiles and you can run them any time with a single click.

burn CD/DVD/BD.
Burn your backups to any type of optical media.

clone disk and partition
Quickly clone disks/partitions by processing only used sectors.

Email your backups
You can receive scheduled emails with attachements containing important files.

New backup formats
CB can now create ZIP and ISO archives.

New backup methods
You can backup locked files using Volume Shadow Copy or using raw read (direct read)

Split files auto-detection
If you don’t know which cbu file is first split from a cbu archive, you can click on any file to restore the backup.

scripting got better

It has support for global variables such as %TEMP%, %USERPROFILE% and for all new features in CB

better speed
Since last public release we improved our cbu backup speed with 30%


smart synchronization
Minimize bandwidth using block level synchronization

incremental and differential backups
Minimize storage space using block-level incremental backups.

Versioning capabilities
You can store multiple incremental and differential backups in the same .cbu file


Mountable backups
Want to quiclky browse your backup? Just right-click and choose “CBU Mount”

self extracting backup
These backups can be restored on any machine without installing CB.

Update to BETA

Keep in touch with all new versions by updating to BETA versions (optionally)

One click feedback.
Tell us if you like/dislike our backup program by clicking on feedback button.


  1. Some issues with Comodo Online Storage service
  2. Some issues with backup to ISO, CD/DVD/BD and email notification
  3. CBU doesn’t start from WinPE / BartPE CD/DVD on Windows Vista and Windows 7
  4. Mounting a backup performed with 2.2 version or earlier might take some time depending on the backup size.
  5. Registry and System backups performed with 2.2 and previous versions for files that are locked might be corrupted. To avoid crashing the operating system these backups should not be restored after restart, especially if these file are used by the operating system.
  6. Some issues if running CBU under limited account
  7. If IE9 BETA is installed, some GUI pages may flicker on resize.


Please use COMODO BackUp 3.0 build 96 Public Release BUG REPORTS to report your bugs. Our moderators collect these bugs and submit them to the devs.


Setup for Windows XP 32-bit/64-bit, Windows Vista 32-bit/64-bit, Windows 7 32-bit/64-bit, Windows Server 2003 32-bit/64-bit, Windows Server 2008 32-bit/64-bit:

Size : 16.87 MB (17698624 bytes)
MD5 : c6cc649f0fbe2ecc80395f72dfb545f6
SHA1 : ef5c66b44ecc14d97ac2b8534337d9c9c70747db

Excellent work guys!!


If we have Beta 4 version installed, can we just install this or do we need to uninstall the Beta first?


You can just install this. It will update automatically.


Allowed CBU 3.0 beta 4 to automatically update to the 3.0/96 build and then tried differential BU on image created with CBU 3.0b4. Half expected wouldn’t work and, lo, it didn’t - error msg “1 or more partition do not have correspondent. Error code 33”

This is not a gripe as I kinda expected beta/public versioning issues and CBU is not (yet) my primary imaging program. Thought I’d report though and would be intersted to know why.

3.0 b4 BU image was Disk 0 with C: selected. 3.0/96 BU image was same, but I noticed that MBR is now mentioned in 3.0/96 selection options. Significant??


One more question: How do I set the date in Backup so that in all places October 5, 2010 shows up that way, instead of putting the day first as in 05/10/10 or 05 October 2010?

I don’t mean in the backup files, but everywhere in the program.



Incremental and Differential backup for a partition works if the partition is exactly the same in size and location as it was for the previous backup. Have any of these changed? Or maybe a new hard drive?


Great news!!! Thanks for the update :-TU.


Auto update worked flawlessly.



No changes to HD or partition that I am aware of - certainly none that I have initiated. As a check I added both the CBU 3.0beta4 created image and the equivalent CBU 3.0 public image (created when the differential failed) to the mount list - both are indicated to have MBR and C partition and the size of C is shown as 84.7 GB in both images.

Since the time of CBU 3.0beta image, I have run O&O Defrag on the drive and also cleaned and defragged the registry. I have also installed and removed a number of programs. Additionally, I have moved the CBU 3.0beta image into a new folder on the external USB drive used for storing BUs.

I’ve just tried various ways of creating a differential and an incremental image (using “choose existing” and “create new” options) on my CBU 3.0/96 created base image. All failed I’m afraid. Have removed CBU, restarted and then re-installed. Same failure and error msg/code I originally reported.


I did a video review of it, check it out:

Thanks guys! :-TU

The only thing Comodo is missing now is sync upon connect which is why I am still paying for software like Syncback Pro. I sync my documents quite hourly to my usb to have them handy, its two way sync so if i made changes to usb it changes back to pc and viceversa.

Can Comodo please add this feature to CB? Please, so I can ditch Syncback Pro and move to an all Comodo pc jeje.

So what do devs say? PLEASE add this feature.

Sync upon connect and/or sync on shut-down (rather than on log-off) would indeed be icing on the cake. Haven’t trialled Syncback: GoodSync is my reference app. I put latter up against AllSync and PureSync and didn’t take long before decision to buy - balance of speed (fast), ease of use and good GUI. If Comodo choose to develop the sync facility, it will have to be very good for me to abandon GS even if CBU is free. Icing on the icing would be sync’ing of multiple user-selected folders rather than by folder filtering. (GS doesn’t have that yet, although they assure me it’s coming.)

(Not trying to “sell” GS, but it is one to beat in my opinion. AllSync is just slightly faster, from my tests, with very good functionality, but “fiddly” GUI turned me off. Latter shouldn’t be a problem for the Comodo team though as GUI is good across all big C app’s in my view.)

Any prospect Comodo team?

When we try to schedule a backup a few things happen. First, the only way we can save the schedule is to hit backup now and then abort the backup. After doing this an icon is placed on the calendar, however, it is not on the scheduled date. The job icon appears on the date the job was created not on the days it is scheduled to run. If we simply go through the job setup and on the final step where we set the schedule or backup now, if we set the schedule and then hit save schedule, we are still at the screen with the only option of backup now and forced to abort. If we simply close the job after hitting save schedule, nothing shows up on the calendar.

After we hit abort and go to the calendar we see 2 entries, our job and the error from aborting. This is when we notice that even though it is scheduled, ie, to run every Friday, nothing shows up on Fridays and actually clicking on a Friday portrays nothing is scheduled. Why when we schedule the job on Thursday afternoon to happen on every Friday afternoon does it show up as 1 occurrence on Thursday?

These patterns happen in both incremental and full backups when backing up to a local usb drive.

windows sbs-2003

version 2.2 worked great as far as scheduling goes but the lack of incremental is what pushed us to test version 3.

when will a rescue cd come?

Some feedback:

  1. Backup schedules are now placed in the activities list and look like event log items. From the professional user view I advise to separate backup schedules from activities list in to a dedicated ‘Schedules’ list like in v2. This is much more logical and intuitive.

  2. Is a big one-click-without-confirmation Delete button really needed for schedules that take time to create?

  3. My compiments for a good product!

A rescue CD is not available, but you can create a BartPE/WinPE disk to recover your data in case of a system crash.


sorry for the late reply but when creating a winpe(i have win7 64 bit)do i add the comodo backup folder and that system 32 dll file to the winpe installation?

You sure that incremental backup with SimpleCopy is working ?

I make like comodo staff said in previous posts:

"Are you using incremental cbu file backup or incremental simple copy backup?
If you are using incremental simple copy you just need to set the same source and the same destination, and it will backup from source to destination only new files/folders, files with different date last modified, different size or deleted files/folders. The backup type must be incremental with make new backup option.


And comodo again copied all files not only changed or new…

I should always use Make new backup ? because in simple copy i think Choose existing backup doesn’t work at all. At the same point using very big backup .cbu files are not the best solution for that (also editing inside backup delete/edit is not working i can’t mount with unchecked readonly mode)