Comodo BackUp 3.0.171317.130 issues

Dear staff,

I’ve made a backup of partitions C and D. When trying to mount the partitions from the backup file afterwards, using the different styles mentioned in various threads in this forum here, it results in unformatted partitions recognized by Windows 7.
Additionally I’m getting several errors like 46 occasionally and using “Enable macros” results in Comodo erroring with error codes 67, 46 and 63.
I’d like to verify that the backups I made are correct, which isn’t possible at the moment.

Why has release 3.0 been pulled out of beta prematurely?

Best regards



Do you have this problem if you mount from manage?

Please let us know if each of the above error codes is reproducible, and steps to reproduce (any non-default settings you might have used in each backup step)

Why isn’t this possible? You can verify them in restore step 2.


I have this problem when I mount from any possible location (manage, right mouse click).

Yes, using “Enable macros” as I said in my previous post.

Yeah wow, I can actually click a verify button in a software which seems totally beta at this point. I want to be able to browse the backup as in any other major backup software possible - and as advertised (the mount option).

I just downloaded the above version of Comodo Backup.
As a trial, I backed up MY DOCUMENTS to an external hard drive (E)

Can I go in to this backup file to look at specific files?
I clicked on MOUNT (to a virtual file (F) but am unable to view the files.
I noticed in the instructions that the default setting is ‘read only’ and instructions say uncheck the ‘read only’ box.
This box has a check in it and is ‘greyed out’.

Is there another way to examine specific files within the backup file?


Are yous sure no new drive letter appeared in My Computer in Explorer?
You can try to mount again from Manage TAB → Mounted Drives

Files & directories backups can be mounted only in read only mode. That is why is grayed out.
The read-only mode is recommended, that is why it’s default checked.


So how can I examine the contents of a disk backup? The feature is there but it simply doesn’t work.

Since mounting doesn’t work, except restoring, there isn’t other option to browse the content of the backup.
We will fix the mounting issue in the next release.