Comodo Backup 3.0.150554.29 and login

I’ve received the following instructions for my CB Online:

Comodo Online Backup:
Back up your file securely with 2GB of online storage.
If you wish to download a copy of the install file for Comodo Online Backup, please click here.
In order to authenticate this software, please launch Online Backup from the Comodo folder in your program files. Enter the below information when prompted.
Login: xxxxxx
Password: same as your Comodo Account password

I’ve tested the xxxxxx real user name and can’t login.
Tested the proposed xxxxxx name (like in email) and can’t login.

Comodo Backup 3.0.150554.29 Beta.

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Any help for me to start using Comodo backup?

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Still does not get help on this.
I’ve tried the livePCsupport (chat) and email.
Could you say me what is happening with my account?

Sorry you are not getting any help on this Tech

I don’t know what the problem will be either. I think we may have to wait until a developer reads your posts. I have sent a pm to a COB staff for you.


Thanks John.

Still waiting for help… Lack of support?

Why can’t I receive help here?
Forum is in silent… Tried livePCsupport and they say there is a problem in my account… Tried by email and do not receive help…
What is going on? :frowning: >:(

If you have purchased COB 1.7 and want to use it with CB 3.0 – than you can’t do it, since CB doesn’t support COB any more. You can access your data via original COB 1.7 client for .NET.

I’ve received a license one week ago (I suppose that it’s for the latest version of CB…).

What tabs do you see when you log in to your account at ? Is there Comodo Online Backup, or Comodo Online Storage, or both, or none of them?

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Comodo Online Backup.
Thanks for the help.

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So, I’m sad to notify you that it will be impossible to use your COB account from Comodo Backup 3.0. The option for you is to use COB client, which you can find at Comodo Online Backup (Open with IE please)

Later we will provide a migration tool, so you will be able to use great features of new Comodo Backup 3.0 and more.

Strange. On the chat help session, I was instructed to do exactly the opposite, uninstall and install the beta 3 version. I’ll downgrade and test.

Thanks. But will I miss the online backup and get only the local backup? ???

It’s working. But I miss some features. Can I compare it with Mozy and post back?

CB 3.0 will have online storage for backups, so you will have online backup. We are working on migration of data from old version (COB) to this new storage.

Thanks. I’m waiting for that.

Any news or schedule for this? ???

I’m not sure if I have permission to tell you details, but what can I say - it will be very very soon.