Comodo Backup 2.2 and IOMega REV Discs on Windows 7 Pro

I’ve just installed Comodo 2.2 on a Win 7 Pro system with an IoMega 35/90Gb REV Drive on a USB connection. The drive is labelled Drive F in Windows and is seen and available for use in My Computer. However when using the Comodo software, this drive isn’t available (listed/shown) when either chooing a file to backup or more normally a location for a system backup to be placed. So the question is, why is this Drive F (a removable drive) not seen from within the Comodo GUI?


Does drive F show in restore tab?
Please use WinObj WinObj - Sysinternals | Microsoft Learn to help us determine the cause of the issue.
I need a screen-shot (like the one I attached) with \GLOBAL??\F:


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