COMODO BackUp released!

If you can’t boot your OS, you can use a BartPE CD/DVD and CBU.exe to restore the backup.

In a future release a rescue boot CD will be available.

So if i understand correctly this program is same as Acronis True Image, Paragon Drive Backup, Image for Windows, etc. ???

I mean COMODO BackUp is classical imaging program as above mentioned and can be used in same manner?
I can back up my system partition and MBR and First track and later i can restore them to previous image?

i know one proven thing , what ever comodo staff touch , it became gold :slight_smile:

gona test it also , never try comodo backup before

10x a lot guys

Hello All,

Sounds like a great app. What’s it look like?

Tried yesterday on older XP Pro SP3 box. Install went well. But the app has a large swath of the GUI missing.
So can’t use it.
On the surface it seems like the same problem I had with VEngine previously (fixed now).
Because the system only has 24bit color max. The transparent effect breaks GUI.

On a side note. because of MSI installer I can’t trick it to install on Win7RC. This is not a problem as it’s not meant for W7. Just a note.


Hi Melih. It looks interesting and nice though I did not test it so far.

BTW I will like to have an option to image and restore MBR with first HD track and raw imaging( to actually make it possible to image and restore all Eaz-Fix snapshots, just like options in paragon and acronis).


Hey Bad

I have a bit of a screenshot in the bug list here.


Here you go a nice GUI :stuck_out_tongue:


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Thanks John,

OT: Do you remember the Dog Chow commercials. “Tastes great, what’s it look like?” my attempt at humor.

I’m gonna try it on another box here shortly. The missing parts going from your pic must be what is chopped off in the pic. Buttons like Close and Help I presume.


Yup, Jacob has some better pics. Take a look


Thanks Jacob,

It looks like it is as I thought, Just the transparent window is broken in <32bit color.
Same as When they first introduced transparent effect to VEngine. (fixed now).

So only missing Help, Minimize and Close. Not lot’s of buttons, but critical ones.


You can backup system partition, MBR and first track for a later restore.
This program has many functionalities of the above programs.


Can you please post a screenshot of the GUI at 24 bit? Also, what video card do you have? Thank you for your support.

Wow I love the new GUI its now so much more easy to use :slight_smile:
Is this the same sort of style CSC is going to take?

Although its a BEAT I’m having no problems with it as of now.
I’ve been waiting for a new version of back up for ages and it was well worth the wait.
Grate Work Guys


That’s the intention according to GUI studies shared on a special permission board at the forum. You should see some similar cool stuff for CSC. I don’t know when though.


It’ll be awesome to get that GUI in CSC. 8)

Hi vraciua,

Apologies for false alarm. Went back on the affected machine and found the buttons.

I moved icons out of the way for pic1.
Shots 2 & 3 demonstrate that yes the new GUI is pretty, But If you use it on a desktop with lots of icons it becomes a Hella mess.

Windows sees it as 2 windows as alt+prt scr captures only top or bottom of window.

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Great program. Just what i been waiting for. Thanks Comodo. :-TU

Nice one,looking forward to it :). I won’t delete my current partition just yet then for testing.


I did a system backup, Threw some malware and Rouges in… And then restored my original image successfully to the previous state. (I did this on purpose on a VM without CIS). System Backup is like Imaging your entire Computer, And it works flawlessly… Though you gotta be patient. :slight_smile:

Nice to hear about the Rescue CD in future releases, For now, How do I use a blank CD/DVD for restoring Backups if you can’t boot? Even though it’s unlikely to happen…