COMODO BackUp 2.0.108800.9 released!


We are happy to announce that COMODO Backup 2.0.108800.9 Public Release is available for download.

What’s new?

  • windows Server 2008 compatibility
  • smaller setup size

What’s fixed?

  • diagnose/repair module
  • recovery Console message that apears when restoring a backup that requires restart
  • saving a backup on network using sync backup
  • GUI crash when clicking “Check for updates”
  • GUI looking scrambled on 800x600 resolution
  • error 101 when restoring a partition that requires restart on Windows Vista
  • mail accounts restore that rarely failed
  • error code 33 when restoring a USB device
  • exclusion filters that were not working for simple copy
  • entire registry backup on Windows 7
  • error code 92 when backing up an older version of yahoo messenger
  • error code 3 when combining simple copy with email notifications
  • BSOD scenario when a partition backup was running at the same time with service partition backup (sync partition backup)

Known Issues:

  • none that we know

Bug Reports:

Please use to report your bugs. Our moderators collect these bugs and submit them to the devs.

Download Locations:

Setup for Windows Vista 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows 2003 Server 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows XP 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows 2008 Server 32-bit and 64-bit
Size : 5.86 MB (6146824 bytes)
MD5 : 1e69786450804c1c5aed5423385bcb3a
SHA1 : 50bef86ab896082b77c1bce0630edaf3fe0e2ce0

Cheers Big ears ;D. Dling now :slight_smile:

welldone guys.

this is a great step towards providing fully functional, free, support and community driven backup system for all!

We would love to hear your feedback on this version pls.
your likes or dislikes…how does it compare to other backup products…

thank you


Nice, but waiting for onlinebackup to be included :THNK


rescue disk is a must


But I’ll still use SyncBack Free for now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh yes.

Could do with a user guide, the only one I can find is for version 1.


Here is the user guide for version 2.0

I love this new version the GUI is fantastic. Much better than 1.x.
No bugs for me :slight_smile: Well Done Guys

Does V1 have to be un-installed before installing V2? If so what happens to the current(V1) configuration?

Hi donnyd

I have both version 1 and version 2 running on my computer. They use completely different registry entries so version 2 will not mess up version 1.


Beautiful program which will help me a lot; instead of completely reinstalling and reactivating Windows XP, I now simply restore the snapshot I took of a fresh Windows (yet tweaked the way I want) with CBU 2 RC.

Very good! Thank you indeed! :slight_smile:

Hey Guys,
I currently use Acronis True Image and the one feature that I need is being able to boot of a usb. I cant see much point in backing up my whole computer when I have not way of booting if the system completely crashes.
So my questions are-

  1. is there provision to make a bootable usb or is there a need for it with CBU
  2. does this program make an image of the drives and if not could you explain to me what the difference is between making image and backing it up and backing up My Computer. I’m not really sure of the differences.
  3. also can I back up to a usb connected HDD.

The above features are available with Acronis.

Hi! I have some questions/recommendations.

First of all, why is it not possible to choose something instead of cbu file type when performing a backup of instant messenger’s profile?

After finishing a backup, in the cases when sending email was unsuccessful, the message “Unable to send notification email because of 4” sounds strange to me))))

And one more thing, don’t you think that it will be more convenient to automatically choose a created folder on Step 3 when specifying a backup path?


How can I save the backup settings I made (i.e. which folders and/or files I wish to backup) so that I can use these the next time I make a backup? Now, every backup I make, I have to do the whole procedure all over again (select files etc.). It must be there, but I don’t see it ???. Thanks.

To answer your questions:
1 - A bootable USB feature will be available, after a bootable CD/DVD will be.
2 - Yes, this program makes an image of the drive / HDD when selecting partition / disk backup
3 - Yes, you can

Thank you

Because there is no other backup format available for messenger backup.

Yes, this seems more convenient…

Thank you

Actually, you have to select the files and folders with every backup you create.
But, you can create a ‘Manually’ scheduled backup to run it when you want with a simple click, without having to go through all the backup steps every time.

We will take your suggestion into consideration.

Thank you

comodo backup is good but right now the reason i will stick with another free program such as macrium reflect free or paragon free is the rescue disk.this must be put in comodo backup if it is to compete with the other free ones,keep up the good work.

Good work guys!

For now I think that two things are missing:

  1. minimisation to tray icon
  2. backup options: full backup, incremental backup, etc.

And why if you create a “Files and Directories” backup (with “Simple Copy” as a backup format) and select a directory to backup (for example C:\Users\Andrzej\Documents), Comodo BackUp creates a full directory structure in the destination place (for example G:\Backup\Documents\DRIVE_C\Users\Andrzej\Documents)? I think that it is not necessary.