Comodo back up start up [RESOLVED]

I apologise if this has been covered elsewhere, I couldn’t see any answers to my question.

I’m running Back up version with Vista Premium.

My Problem is Back up doesn’t start unless I remember to start it manually, I have all the back ups set to Synchronisation mode, which it does flawlessly once I’ve started it.

I’ve gone over options with a fine tooth comb and I can’t see an option anywhere for Back up to run at start up.

Am I missing something or am i just an *****, you’re help greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi Springerrob

The first thing we want to check is that the Backup service is running. You can see this in two places. In Backup’s main screen near the top you will see Service state - running or stopped. It should be running. If it is stopped then there is a reason that it does not start. Go to the other place Start → run - Type in services.msc and click ok. See if ComodoBackupService is running and on automatic. [This is where it is on XP. Don’t know where on Vista] With the service running you do not need the application to run at start up.

Also make sure that Windows task scheduler is running.

If this does not work try to update to the latest version which you will find here.

There are still a few things we can look at but try this first.


Thank you for your prompt reply John, I’ll try that tomorrow when I’m with my PC.

Thank you John, all sorted now :slight_smile:

Back up was set at manual in services, also Back up has updated it’s self to the latest version.