comodo avs and openoffice?

since i’ve installed comodo something wrong is with my openoffice and i cannot work normaly. OO hangs after few seconds after starting or when i try to save document. what should i do to solve this problem??


What setting are you using for on access scan? OO will not work for me if on access scanning is set to all files.

Hi, i have matched “all files”. should i try with “selective extension”? i’ll try.
then i click “select…” there are many file extensions which should be scanned by antivirus, there are no .odt or other OO format, ok. so there should be no problem with those files type but if i want to save a document for example as .doc? (i have to remove this file type from extension list?)

On access scan set to selective extension with the default list generally does not cause a problem (that I have observed) with OO.

Yes, it really works. Thanks


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