It was necessary to make a slight adjustment to v.2.3.6 when used in conjunction with AVG.
Does anybody know if that adjustment will be necessary with v 2.4.
The adjustment being to check"Skip Advanced Security Checks"

Are you referring to AVG-AV or the Anti Spyware app?

Iv been using AVG-AV alongside Comodo v.2.3.6 for a long time and never had any issues with them.

AVG e-mail scanner conflict

SolutionOlder versions of the firewall had a conflict with the AVG e-mail scanner. We have addressed this by adding an option “Skip Advanced Security Check” in the Application Rules under the “Miscellaneous” section. You can select this option for “avgemc.exe” (AVG E-Mail scanner application) and any mail client using AVG should work correctly.

We have made this feature available from version onwards. In case you don’t have this version please upgrade to it by taking latest updates or by downloading latest setup.

Find the application monitor rule for the AVG email scanner application and double click it. Click the Miscellaneous tab and select “Skip advanced security checks”.
Reboot and you should be OK.
This problem is caused by the slight delay that CPF introduces to the scanner checking mails and AVG doesn’t like to be interrupted.

This is what i am talking about