Comodo/Avast problem

I started having a problem with Avast. It suddenly wouldn’t allow Firefox, IE or Thunderbird to go online. In asking on the Avast forum, someone asked me the following:

"What is your firewall ?
Does it allow ashWebSv.exe internet access ?

  • If it does delete the entry for it and reconnect to the internet, this will force the firewall to ask permission again."

Not knowing anything about ashWebSv.exe or how to delete it, I started looking at Comodo. I’m only using the Firewall. In viewing Firewall>View Firewall Events, I found that Avast/ashWebSv.exe is blocked. How can I change this?

firewall tab → advanced button on left → network security policy → find ashwebsv.exe and hit remove. Now you should get another pop up form comodo, this time hit allow and also tick the remember button.

Thanks so much. My problem was solved, as well as I learned valuable information in working with Comodo.

Again, thanks. ;D