Comodo AV

I hope not to be cheeky but would like to know if Comodo is as good as AVG?How is it on resources?


Comodo has fairly good detection, imo it does a bit better then AVG, it has detected viruses that AVG, avast! and others have missed. As for resources the current beta version is a bit heavy on resources but Comodo is planning to change that with future versions.

nice to know.
i just tried beta1 and removed it after 1 day because of resources.
it was eating something like 60MB in RAM, but the worst thing was that i disabled the email scanner, and but the process was still running (eating 50% of the 60MB total) also after a reboot.
i don’t want email scanning.
i will retry CAV in the future.

Till i don’t see some technical test like i don’t belive much of that. Especially when it comes to more complex malware, not just simple UPX-ed worms…

CAV does takes up a lot to memory & resources compared with others competitor products. Hopefully this issue will be fixed after the release of v2.

Hi RejZoR,

You don’t have to believe that, Comodo hasn’t put it up for any tests because it is a beta product. They would rather wait for the final release.

Hopefully CAV will be sent for technical testing & certification soon. At least it’s more convincing.

they have started testing CAV 1.1, check wilderssecurity forums for the links.