Comodo AV won't run in Safe Mode

Hi, I wanted to run an AV scan in safe mode. I received the error code 0x80004002 no such interface supported. I have XP home edition. Thanks for your help.

The only way you can scan in safe mode is when installing CIS.

Other than that once CIS is installed it cannot scan in Safemode.

Hope this helps. ;D

I thought the principal of running in safe mode was to prevent the bad program from running and hiding. So to run in safe mode I have to uninstall and reinstall and run at that time. Do I go to safe mode to install? Will this change in the future? Is this due to it not being a certified program? Thanks

Kind of, but in normal mode you have D+ Running so it will stop and prevent bad programs.

Yup that’s what has to be done to scan in safe mode.

Yes you can install CIS in safe mode or normal mode.

It’s been in the wish lists for some time, so I would say it will given enough time ;D

Nope, and i think CIS is a certified program; otherwise you would get alerts from Windows that it was installing non WHQL drivers.

Thanks young man. You answered them all.

No problem 4putt. :slight_smile: