Comodo AV will not update

I have been using CIS for a few months now, and it has been working well, but after a recent update (upgrade?) I found that the AV was not updating. The summary page would advise me that it needed updating, but when I clicked the button it would show Update Failed. If I tried to update via the misc page it said No Updates Available.

I ran a diagnosis from the Misc page and it found that there were problems, but could not fix them.
I looked at the report it generated, but I’m a novice so it didn’t mean much to me.
The only thing I noticed was that it mentioned Trend Micro Security, which was un-installed months ago, though there still seems to be some traces of it left on my system which I can’t get rid of.

I was intending to retire all my old anti-malware, add C BOClean, and have a complete integrated Comodo suite but that will have to go on hold for now.
I still have the firewall running, but I have now reverted to my previous AV and anti-malware.

Has anyone else had recent problems with updating or system errors ??

Any suggestions as to how I can tackle the problems Please.

Regards Leo.

im having the same problem anti-virus wont download anybody got a fix for it yet?

I can.t see any icons only boclean my security center said its there AV and FW ???