Comodo AV Update triggers detection in temp folder!

The last 2 or 3 days when I have updated CIS 4 AV through console I get unclassified malware detections during update process.

I know these are just the signatures being loaded into CIS and the temp file vanishes when complete as it should.

If you block and or quarantine it does the update fail? If you allow it (which i have done then rescan and there is nothing on system) Do we now get into the habbit of deciding which virus signatures we allow and dont?

CIS 4 update path C:\Windows\Temp\CB8223.tmp < this was todays update cav.4461 i think

I dont want to report as a false positive - because these are required signatures for detection - my point is that CIS 4 update shouldnt detect its own update as malware! <<

The other change that has occured in the last 2-3 days - Avira now detects same temp files and deny access. Prior to the last couple of days it would recognize signatures and allow access some how knowing it was database signature updates. (P.S. - before telling me running 2 av’s blah blah blah dont I am fully aware of POTENTIAL conflicts this has nothing 2 do with that)

Needless to say - Avira blocked access - CIS 4 quarantined threat yet CIS tells me update has been successfully updated. CIS 4 Diagnostic says all is running normallly.

System - Windows 7 64 - on-demand - hitman - malwarebytes - A-squared - SAS. I am virus free

The point of my dribble is CIS 4 detects its own update (during update process) as malware threat.

Hi SirBelkin. Yes, you are correct. Same thing happened yesterday to me, when updating. I got an unclassified malware show up in a scan in the tmp file same as you. I kinda knew what it was but did a couple of scans anyway with Malwarebytes and Hitman pro and negative. Well its highly dodgy reporting its own updates as malware so i reported it as an Fp.We have a saying in England. Like British Rail, Comodo are getting there!


British rail was good tho before it was privatised, for about 2 years before that it was there.