Comodo AV stalls

I am having problems with the Comodo AV program.  I can't get it to finish the scan.   It stalls at C:\System Volume Information\tracking.log.  The Magnifying glass keeps going around but never goes to another file.  It has scanned 136315 files at this point.

If I press the Stop Scan Button it asks me if I really want to stop the scan.  I press the yes key but then it continues scanning the tracking.log file.  The Pause and Stop Scan key are now both grayed out and do not work. 

The only way to stop the stalled scan is to reboot the computer.  When I try running the AV program again it does the same thing.  I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Comodo software 2 or 3 times but it continues to have a problem.

I have tried excluding C:\System Volume Information\tracking.log. but it stills stalls on a different file. AV seems to be running fine using 10-20% of the computer resources.  At some point the usage goes up to 98 to 99% and seems to get stuck on certain files it eventually moves on to other files until it gets stuck for good.