Comodo AV smart scan and boclean question

I read this article
Configuring CIS for Maximum Security with ZERO Alerts for Novices

So I have tried these settings. But I score only 130/340 in comodo FW test. Will it say that my security is lower than normal?

Comodo AV… Does it use a smart scan technology? Or does it scan all my files every week on my schedule?

When using CIS 3.9 rc2, boclean 4.27. Will i be just as safe as using avira AV9 with comdo FW and boclean? Just wondering because I see in av-comparatives latest reports that avira is exellent in detection.

Is boclean included in CIS 3.9 rc2?

Cheers O0

When using the Comodo test it DOES NOT TEST your av. It tests your HIPS and firewall. Diid you already have the test downloaded before you installed CID? When you installed CIS did you select Maximum proactive defense? Do you have the firewall and D+ in Safe Mode? If you read the test clearly then you would gave seen that’s its a firewall and HIPS test. NOT an AV test. You do not need BOCLean so please uninstall it.

Set CIS to Proactive, Defense+ and Firewall to Safe mode. Remove any traces of CLT in both the firewall and Defence+. Rerun the test. Disable Parent mode, as you need to allow CLT to run, block everything else it presents.

To Set Proactive, right click the tray icon, Configuration/Proactive, Firewall/Safe, Defense+/Safe

To remove CLT from Defense+ rules, from the CIS GUI, select Defense+/Advanced/Computer Security Policy. Locate CLT, select it, and click Remove, then Apply.
Do the same with the firewall (only, Network Security Policy).

Now i have put my configuration to sugested. ;D Thanks for the tips.

It is a little bit scary to tweak CIS after using norton for some time. I am not sure what everything inside CIS menu means. All i really want is to have my computer safe.

Read the “Help” section under miscellaneous.