Comodo AV = sluggish PC [Resolved]

If I install and load Comodo AV, my PC gets very very slow. I love the firewall, and so I decided to grab the other stuff. I was using AVG’s AV.

I can see a definite difference in speeds, which includes trying to get emails, between AVG’s AV and Comodo’s AV.

I do have AVG’s real-time protection on. IT has nabbed a virus in the last day or so.

I do NOT have them both running at the same time.

Comodo will time out my email retrieval, and programme loads are terribly slow.

Has anyone else seen this. Is there some reason for it?

BTW, does anyone else have trouble with the cursor on this forum? Mine is always shuddering and often disappears.

Thanks for any help


Hi RealOldNick

I do have AVG's real-time protection on. IT has nabbed a virus in the last day or so.
Do you have AVG real-time protection on with CAV? If so my guess would be a conflict between the two. If not, I think that a complete uninstall of AVG will be necessary to get CAV working as it should.


No cursor problems for me :slight_smile:

Thaks for the reply.

No. As I said, I do not have them running at the same time.

My PC started rebooting all the time. I removed C AV and it stopped. I may try again, to see if it repeats. I have uninstalled it for now.


OK. I still have the flickery cursor

However, I completely uninstalled AVG AV, and installed COMODO AV. It now seems to be ok. No slowing down and no crashing so far.

SO thanks for the replies.


Hope it continues to work ok for you Nick. If you have any more problems we are here to help.

I will mark this thread as resolved. If you need it reopened for any reason PM me or another moderator.