Comodo AV seemingly crashes when accessing allow/block list of HIPS ... [Closed]

Hello guys,
i seem to have a problem in CAVS 2.0beta. When i open CAVS and go to Settings then HIPS app control and under general settings select manage allow/block list a comodo window opens. However then the antivirus window just vanishes off the screen. It is still running in the system tray, but the window is gone completely! Any ideas, anyone else has this problem before me? Thanks in advance.

i just saw another thread on the same subject! Sorry about that! (L)

Are you referring to this thread? If so, please confirm so I can close this thread!


ah no not that thread :slight_smile: I don’t have that problem. Sorry about the extremely late reply, you can close this thread. I learnt that i’ll have to wait on the next upgrade of CAVS to get my problem solved, according to this thread: Thanks all the best. (L)

Ah, no problem at all. :wink: Then I’ll go ahead and close this thread.