Comodo AV scanning a password protected rar file and still detecting

Good Evening members,

I had password protected a rar file which had some malware samples and when I scanned this rar file with comodo, it detected those samples. Can someone explain this behavior ???


Did it detect the individual samples, or just the archive?

If it was able to scan inside the archive, you might want to contact the developer of the archiving application you are using that the password function isn’t working.

I think you can open rar files with out a password and see the file names, but cannot extract the contents without the password. Could this be the case that it is seeing the filename, but not extracting the contents?

Individual files were detected as threats and yeah even I am trying to look into the matter, and I am also trying to recreate the same event again. I already sent the this to the developer of the archiving application :slight_smile: