Comodo AV quarantines my small utility on a false positive

I had posted in regard to this on the firewall forum before I realized it was the AV that was actually causing my problem. My apologies for that.

I’m trying to use a small utility file called WirelessKeyView.exe to recover the PIN for my router and the AV quarantined it. I’ve attempted to restore the file but when I click on the restored file it winds up back in quarantine again and no matter what I do… up to and including turning CIS off… every time I try to unzip the archive, the .exe gets slammed back into quarantine. This isn’t the first file it’s done this to but I need that PIN right now and this is the only way I’ve found so far to recover it. CIS even quarantined the HTML file that came with it but it restored OK. How do I make the the file usable and keep it out of Comodo jail?

What happened to the good old days when CIS would ask ME what I wanted to do about a “suspicious” file before arbitrarily banning it from my computer forever? Grumble, grumble

Try adding the file to the Exclusions of the AV.

I did that. No dice. As soon as I click extract on the archive, BAM! right to quarantine.

I’ve been scouring the forums finding every similar problem and there have been a few going back a year or two. You’d think this would be off your blacklist by now since it’s apparently been recognized a false positive for over a year now and I’m going to assume it would apply to any other password or key recovery programs out there also.

I appreciate the effort you folks go to in order to provide me with security for free and think yours is the best program out there or wouldn’t be using it but since the PIN for my router is not on any label and I no longer have the docs for it, I’m kind of stuck here.

Myself, I would never tell an AV to automatically quarantine a file because of possible FP. Always notify me and let me decide how best to handle it.

That’s exactly how I feel and Comodo used to do that as a default. Not sure when that changed because it never really came up before. I’m also not sure what the setting would be to get it to do so again or if there even is a setting for it. All I know is that there a couple of small utility files that I can’t use because for right now at least, CIS has more control over my computer than I do.

to turn off automatic quarantine go to the av settings and uncheck the setting “do not show antivirus alerts”

Ah, thanks a million. I had been scrounging through the program for an hour ttrying to find a way to do that. I love Comodo but it used to be a lot simpler. Thanks again.