Comodo AV password bug

I use password protection for Comodo AV.
But ComodoAV was uninstalled by my sister to use windows uninstaller… OMG.
Password protection was useless… ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

[attachment deleted by admin]

If you allow Admin permissions to anyone, there is not really any point using a password :slight_smile:

In one of the previous versions uninstall use to ask for password if the password was set. This should be back or if a bug it needs to be fixed.

From the information you have given I am not clear whether this is a bug/issue.

For the moment I will transfer you to help so you can work through this issue with users and mods in this forum and hopefully resolve it. I hope that is OK.

Please ask any mod to move this report back to the bugs forum if it becomes clear that it is a bug/issue.

Best wishes