Comodo AV not applying updates without rebooting my PC.

Since yesterday I think as that was when I first realised I had a problem. On checking my AV update number against the one on the Update page I realised that I was a few numbers behind. I opened up the AV page on the GUI and clicked on update now only to get a pop up telling me that I needed to reboot for the updates to install. I did this and they installed ok but today I have the same issue. My PC’s OS is Windows XP Home SP3 and I am using the latest version of Comodo CIS.

You probably have a corrupted download of AV definitions.

There are two solutions to this:

Both of them will get the latest full AV database. After the reboot you will have to get the latest incremental updates; usually that is only several hundreds of kBytes.

Does this fix it for you?

I took your advice and went for option one. After reboot the virus database had reverted to 1. I rebooted again and it showed v3886. I went to update it manually and when it reached 90% I got a strange pop up saying, “Oops, you have found a bug in Comodo CIS and it needs to close,” which promptly locked up my PC and I had to crash reboot. On reboot I find it has updated to v4001 and tells me it is updated to the latest version when I clicked on manual update. Everything seems to be working at the moment but I will see what happens with the auto updates over the next 24hrs.
I have been a big fan of Comodo ever since I started using v2.4 some years back which you installed, set some basic rules and more or less forgot about. With these latest versions Comodo seems to be very unstable at the moment, at least on my machine that seems to be the case. It seems like I am forever on these forums lately with one problem or another. Maybe it would be a step in the right direction to never mind the bells and whistles and just concentrate in making Comodo the best by being the most reliable which it has always been in the past. Grump over.

Instead of opening a new thread I will just update this one.

As stated previously I followed the advice in the posts above, this only lasted for a couple of days though and then the updates although downloaded would not take effect and when I tried to do it manually I again got the, “You need to restart your PC for updates to take effect” message. I persevered with it until yesterday when I decided to go for a clean reinstall of Comodo. Thinking it may be something to do with MSN and Firefox downloads I used IE8 to download a new copy of Comodo and a copy of the latest database. I then used Revo uninstaller at the highest level to uninstall Comodo and rebooted. On restart I used the Comodo clean up tool as an extra precaution and then reinstalled Comodo CIS.

On reboot I swapped the Bases.cav in Scanners for the downloaded Bases.cav and rebooted again. This time I had data base version 4121 iirc and it updated manually in a few seconds to the latest version yesterday afternoon. I put CIS on Pro-Active Security and checked a few extra boxes in the Firewall,ie Stealth my ports to everyone and checked boxes in both Defence and Attack setting. In Defence + I added a couple of checks to the Defence+ settings and Image Execution control Settings as detailed in the Guides Section. I then changed the Firewall and Defence+ to training mode and one by one opened up most of the Programs on my PC. I then went to the Firewall and set Firefox and IE8 as browsers and SAS, MBAM, SpywareBlaster as trusted Applications. I then set both the Firewall and Defence + back to Safe Mode. The PC update twice normally after that before I went to bed.

This morning I came on the PC and on checking found I have Database number 4133. I came here to check and find that the latest version is 4144. I try to update manually and yes. you’ve guessed it, I get that old chestnut about having to reboot my PC for the updates to take effect. In retrospect this seems to happen when I am signed out and my PC is not being used ie at night. If for example I reboot the database will update and I am sure it will continue to reboot all day until I sign out again. Now I am not certain of this but it does seem like that is what is happening. Can any of the experts offer any advice here. My system is Windows XP Home SP3 and everything up to date.

What do you mean with sign out? Do you mean you leave your computer running and Windows is at the log in screen waiting for you to enter your password for your account?

Yes that’s right EricJH, At night when I go to bed I log out of my Win XP account and switch off the monitor as well as my 5.1 speaker system leaving just the computer running.

Sorry I should have added this in the post above. Last night having had database version 4133 all day without it updating at all I decided to restart my PC before going to bed last night. On signing in this morning the updates had applied themselves and I had database version 4155 which after checking here is the latest version at present. I will check it during the day and see if it automatically downloads and installs the next update but can’t understand why it seems to work one time but not the next?. Could it be some setting in Comodo that stops it installing the updates as it is downloading them, just not applying them without a reboot. Weird.

I believe that it is more dangerous to use the P.C. with administrator privileges because that helps malware to install itself.

I would like to think that the danger is greatly reduced when I drop my privilege OR WHEN I LOG OFF.

It seems wrong that the O.P. could log off with software at one version, and then with no administrator or user present that software should be able to download and install a later version. I thought this was fundamental protection within XP, regardless of whether the software in question is a “Tick Tac Toe” game or, as in this case, Anti-virus protection.

It may of course be that the download is permitted by XP, but the installation is blocked by XP in the absence of an administrator, and this “temporary” blockage some how disrupts any subsequent installation when the admin logs on.

With Win98 I learnt that a full power down was needed to give a fighting chance before restarting.
If anything silly happened, like the mouse doing nothing and leaving me struggling with half forgotten Windows Keyboard short-cuts etc., simply logging off and on again was no cure at all - the mouse only recovered after a full shut-down.

Perhaps Comodo achieved the downloads, but the O.S. blocked installation and until the system is re-initialised with a full shut-down and power-up the download will not be installed - and that could also cause a log-jam for any further downloads.

When I go to bed I like to shut down my P.C. Nothing evil can happen overnight, and any nasty tangles will have disappeared when I power-up in the morning.