Comodo AV is using Avast engine?

Glad to know that comodo performed good in latest
Malware Research Group #23 - On Demand Scan Test - April 2010

I have heard something that Comodo is using dual engine of Avast and Comodo.
Is it true?

i read that forum page and i think you misunderstood mate.

Comodo AV does NOT use a duel engine and does not use Avast scanners. Comodo’s own AV engine was built from scratch.

The topic you linked in the malwareresearchgroup forum is referencing using Comodo Firewall along with Avast (two separate programs to protect your system).


Uhh… Yeah Comodo uses it’s own AV engine and have no idea why other people assume it uses other engines. If it did use other engines, then for example when signature format changed (for those who know/remember)… the new signature change wouldn’t be possible.

Comodo did well but I would like to see a test done only against other free offerings. I think Comodo would do even better matched up against only those products.

I’m really surprised that MSE did not do better. I was surprised to see it come in last.

I don’t think that MSE has anything called heuristic

we have our own engine that we built from scratch. yes very painful :slight_smile: (but worth it)…


Yes I think I misunderstood… :stuck_out_tongue:
Thank you all for your replies… :slight_smile:

MSE does employ heuristics and it’s supposed to check it’s servers for new signatures for anything found suspicious that is not detected by the AV database you have installed. That’s why I’m surprised it didn’t do better.

I’m not sure that it does , but it has alot of gen! signautres which make a great help in detection of new or let’s say ( similar threats ) .To make sure that you are right or the opposite , install it , don’t download any update , and let’s see if it can detect anything !!!

MSE has heuristics:

Edit: Actually now I’m not sure. It appears that maybe Microsoft’s definition of heuristics is more like a behavioral blocker. Sort of.

I have had so many people asking me who Comodo was partnering with as an AV after the recent apparent “improvement”. I guess a “firewall company” can’t have a decent AV. 88)

it doesn’t have heuristic engine … it has some sort of behaviour blocker ( which i personally saw that ) but heuristic , I don’t think it does have one !! that’s why it scorred one of the lowest in FP and in detecion .,

Basically changing signatures is different to using this or that engine, so the statement is incorrect… whatever “signature format” means

As it was pointed in the below link there are just few engines on the market

Unfortunately that time the developers did not answer the question whether Comodo has its own engine

If you say so - fine , but again - nothing to do with sigs change;msg366621#msg366621

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If you read their forums, they clearly state that MSE does employ Heuristics. exactly how they are doing it, I don’t know but they do say that suspicious items that do not have a signature are checked against the latest signatures on the servers. You may not have the latest since MSE only updates once a day.

Maybe they are calling a behavior analyzer Heuristics.

This topic made me laugh :-TU

Well at least we accomplished that right? ;D

I don’t care what they say , << all AV companies say that they can detect everything bla bla bla !! the issue is much more clear for any1 to explain , MSE can detect nothing if you didn’t update it !!! << !ot!
so the engine relies only on the signatures

Hi knk2006,

that was one negative reply :slight_smile: … but it has some grounds at the same time

Should anybody care about anything regarding security?

Not sure about that, because most of them are clearly stating that they cannot catch zero days/hours polymorphic/isomorphic stuff - therefore any AV is basically hopeless

What MSE in particular has to do with the update issue ???
If you are using any AV - you have to update regularly & as frequent as possible

Basically, as it was pointed above the signatures and engines are both important things but not completely related.
Companies are using those few mentioned engines but the signatures are computer generated and that where different companies many have their “know- hows”

Hi Melih,

Thanks for the confirmation (eventually :slight_smile: ) that Comodo has its own engine, so that is +1 to not so many existing engines…

… but saying “ but worth it” in the context of your answer sounds “a bit” ironic… 88)

I know, I know …. as you named one of the subjects: [url=] Running Antivirus thinking you will be safe…Madness!!!

[/url] True!

Finally, there is no doubts that the strong Behavioural Blocker nowadays is the most important component of the security layers one must have

compare to any AV…, well the latter still somehow makes us just feel better, not more than that


I said worth it: from marketing point of view :slight_smile: Today people don’t know how to choose and what to choose to protect themselves. They think by installing an AV they will be protected. Heck, even system admins think that AV will protect them and they get upset at their AV provider when they miss one!:slight_smile: Ok, ignorance on System admin side is not acceptable. But users are not well informed, nor should they be an expert on this field.

So they fall prey to marketing and think that AV can protect them. Now we are one of leading AV solutions out there, we are getting a nice market share in the AV market. Of course we are protecting our users in a much more secure way than any conventional AV could but hey…that’s our job :slight_smile:

AV is like a detergent. It can’t keep your pants clean! And it can’t clean stains :wink: