Comodo AV is the proven alternative to high priced AV software.

"Comodo AV is the proven alternative to high priced AV software from the “So called Industry leaders”

I wasn’t aware of any comparative tests with the industry leaders??


It seems like just another marketing ploy :frowning:

Looks good to me. Accurate and very well presented.

The video is fine, I was referring to the “proven alternative” bit. Can this statement be made, when CIS has not been submitted for testing?

I don’t think it’s right :-\

I guess it’s just the same as every restaurant having a “world famous” item, and every movie that comes out, “#1 at the box office”… 88)

I’m all for putting a positive spin on things, but I’m becoming increasingly uncomfortable with Comodos marketing strategies. :o

It doesn’t bother me. It is an alternative and it has proven to it’s users that it does provide equal or nearly equal protection so I’m fine with it.

No official replies, So much for “Creating Trust Online”

Let’s wait until someone from Comodo replies in this thread before making such comments. For all we know, the thread might not have been seen yet.

Melih has been aware of this thread - I directed him too it.
No reply.

I see :frowning:

imo: Definition of proven in the above context is: Being used successfully by many users. hundreds of thousands of installations being used successfully would be a proven method. But we have millions of installations. So it has proven itself imo.

PS: Similar issue was raised and answer was given hence didn’t see the need for duplication. And Kyle was part of that discussion too.




Andreas doing testing means proven?


That didn’t answer the this threads OP 88)

Just cause a lot of people use something doesn’t mean it’s proven.
Just like cigarettes, Everyone believed them to be good for you, Untill scientific research came out showing it’s very bad for you.

What is your definition of proven? Andreas testing it?

I explained you what the definition of proven was from our side in the context it was used.


I never mentioned anything about Andreas or AV-C.


Iam on Melih’s side here… Its proven that CIS is an alternative to other security products, just look at all the users. Firefox and chrome is an alternative to IE, there is noone denying that, and no “testing” can deny that its an proven working alternative for those users when trying to browse webpages/whatever they do online. From what Ive seen the video looks ok… CIS is a proven alternative to other software security products.

We are all on the same side :wink:

In my opinion definition “proven” in AV segment (e.g. among high priced solutions) means following:

  • due to AV system was infected by virus only 0|1|2|3 etc times during period of xxxx days;
  • AV defeated xxxxx number of viruses during period of xxxx days;
  • AV detected and destroyed all particular viruses in specific environment during specific period in time;
  • AV runs with little usage of system resources on particular (“all”) systems;
  • AV does not cause incompatibility problems (BSoDs etc) with other software in particular environments;
  • AV has signatures of xxxxxxxx malware;
  • AV rather quickly obtains signatures for Zero-Day malware;
  • AV is run on xxxxxxxx number of computers worldwide;
    etc etc

So definition “proven” here is totally flawed subjective. Comodo took subjective definition and made subjective statement.
And as this statement is subjective everyone can accuse them they are lying. And everyone can tell they are right.

Very true.

It is however fairly entertaining that with a few “events” in the past, Melih has condemned others for using subjective or contextual definitions. :wink:

Never hold others to a standard that you cannot keep. :P0l

Melih is possibly using ‘proven’ in the logical positivist sense. CIS (a reification of anti-malware theory), has not been disproven (ie defeated on a significant number of occasions), despite use by many people in environments rife with malware. It’s quite possible that an (as yet unknown) form of malware might defeat it requiring the theory to be developed, or even necessitating a paradigm shift, so CIS can never be ‘proven’.

OK, fun over, I’m with Kyle more generally. The word ‘proven’ has lost its meaning through marketing over-use. Surely Comodo needs marketeers that can come up wth something more convincing & informative than this tired word.

How that for advanced fence sitting?