Comodo AV install Killed my Comodo Firewall- Now I have nothing!!!~


I have been using Comodo FW for a year or so and quite like it. It is installed on an XP pc and was running in tandem with Microsoft Security Essentials. Until last week when MSE was no longer supported so I once again had to start searching for an AV program.

I did some research and Comodo had some good reviews, so I downloaded and installed the free version. Bad news!!

The AV program told me it had to uninstall my Comodo FW first which it then tried to do nut failed. OK, so I then tried to uninstall my FW but that also came up with an error, because it had been half done already and it was now corrupted!

I then rebooted and tried to install my FW again. I could not even do this because it says another Comodo product is in the install process??

I am not a geek but very computer literate and this is the first time I have had two programs fighting for install rights and both failing, what do I do please?

I know my PC is not the newest, but it was all working fine with the FW, so I want that back at least, right now I have NO internet protection :frowning:

Very annoyed

sometimes (usually) windows protection do not allow another product and block the install so you need to verify if it is check or uncheck : no two firewall/no two av please

do not stay without internet protection please even if xp is end of life …

check windows firewall check windows defender

uninstall your comodo product following this guide.

Download CIS
Disconnect you from internet

uncheck windows firewall uncheck windows defender

then install CIS = firewall+AV

connect you to internet - update

enjoy !

Hi Merke and thanks for the reply.

It was a bit dodgy but it now seems to work. I could not run the uninstaller in admin mode from desktop, nor could I try it during safe mode with networking, the keyboard was not active so I could not select that option. But I have run it a few times within windows(it pops up a dos box) and I could see it had no access to some items and could not find others.

But, as the original install was a stuffup, I would expect that anyway :slight_smile:

So, after doing that twice, I then followed the instructions provided, no windows firewall etc and it installed fine. I am not sure I want all the bloatware though, I may decide to uninstall that soon,but left most in(no geek thing needed here) and it has updated and done an initial scan.

I think some of this was my fault for installing without reading any instructions first(I think windows firewall was on), but, I do believe this product is not suitable for your average numpty with a windows computer, I think it needs to be made easier. If it detects a customer has a firewall on or installed, it needs to back out of install mode.

Cheers though for the answer

happy to know that all is fine now.

If it detects a customer has a firewall on or installed, it needs to back out of install mode.
it does !
as soon as comodo is installed, windows is off but it is windows which locks & blocks - sometimes -.