Comodo AV inside a sandbox in Ubuntu

Is it possible to run CAV inside a sandbox within Ubuntu for the occasional system scan? I have read of issues with allowing CAV to have root privileges that persist even after installation.

As far as I’m aware cipher… you don’t need to do that.
If you can manage to install it (needs a missing dependancy, which can be found by search engine), then it will work up to Linux kernel 4.8.x in Ubuntu if you replace the driver.tar file in /opt/COMODO/ with the latest unofficial patch to be found on these forums (check out the one of the ‘installation’ threads, looking for charlie-(?)). You need to run sudo/opt/COMODO/ and you need to do the driver.tar replacement (via gksu nautilus) and run at each new kernel upgrade, unfortunately.
But even if none of that works for you you can still use Comodo in its raw state, without sandboxing, for on demand scanning - it’s just that it won’t do realtime protection then.
EDIT solution here by charlie-xstar, and the odd comment from me…;new;topicseen#new