Comodo AV - GIMP Unrecognized Files

Comodo AV NOT CIS after normal update & Rating Scan has just discovered 144 unrecognized GIMP files & 2 unrecognized Win 7 Zip files on my W7 Pro x64 PC. The odd thing is it states the files are 2 weeks old…

GIMP, InkScape, Scribus, GhostScript, Blender has been on my system for over 2 months. I am testing to see if open source could replace Adobe, Corel and Xara…

Update - GIMP is off the radar; after a reboot only 2 unrecognized Win 7 Zip files, which appears to be the norm?

Hi EastTexas

I am not quite sure what you think is a bug here, so I will forward this to the help forum to see if people can help you work through your issues.

If on reflection you think what you observed is a bug, please ask any active moderator to forward it back here and appened a bug report in the format requested here:

Kind regards