Comodo AV Freezing During First Scan!!!!!! HELP

Been using Comodo Firewall for some time and have recently installed Comodo Internet Security Complete. Problem is that during my first scan it is stopping on a file deep into the scan and will not stop the scan nor will it progress through the scan. Sysytem is an HP DV4 Laptop with 4 gigs Ram, 320GB HD 7200 RPMs, Win 7 64 bit. Computer is about 5-6 months old so it’s pretty much all recent hardware and everything else on the computer runs flawless.

I have disabled Avast Pro during install and during this scan. There is no other Antivirus running and I disabled the Microsoft Firewall also. Scan takes a long time like over an hour before it freezes and I can’t get through the scan. Still trying to do the first scan so i can use this software. Any Advice? Anybody else had this issue? Please help! Thanks All

to save both of our faces I have deleted our little interaction. I hope someone can help you.

Ok, the freezing is happening when the AV is going from drive C: to D: in which D: is a partition of C: that hold all the reinstall information for Windows 7. It was set by factory. The AV cannot for whatever reason read this part of the drive and I cannot do a full scan because of this. I have not found a place in the software to turn off reading D: and I’m not sure that the D: is something that should even be getting scanned. Any ideas?