Comodo AV Engine

Hello! Any idea if Comodo v6 AV will have a multiple engine?

i highly doubt it

Why? for what? it makes the program just more heavy… i think its not an good idea and i highly doubt it too

Some argue that one virus engine is not enough for protection today. Multiple virus engines are needed to reduce time lag between virus outbreak and signature update. I’m only talking about Comodo AV not Comodo DEF+ or Firewall. Say if you only want to use Comodo AV.

I would highly doubt that it would include any other engines and I would strongly hope that it wouldn’t. For me, at least in a product like CIS, I believe that multiple engines are incredibly unnecessary and a waste of both money and system resources.

Melih has always said that the AV is for usability. Comodo has always been about prevention (defense + and sandbox), detection != prevention

While i avoid the AV for the very same reason :smiley:

I agree 100% Chiron. Generally multiple engines are an invitation for both wasted resources and
potential conflict. The current balance of detection and proactive defense such as sandbox, defense+
in my opinion is just right and is more than sufficient for most users, novice or advanced.