Comodo AV default setting at limit is do not scan files larger than 20MB

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I have a minor problem when scanning Comodo AV on a laptop before I handed back his computer since I’ve removed AVG for him because he wanted Comodo CIS.

Why aren’t all the files being scanned because Comodo AV default setting at limit is 20MB, To increase this limit go to: Antivirus>Scanner Settings>Manual Scanning and set Do not scan files larger then XX MB to a higher number.

Also why is real time scanning default setting at limit is 20MB as well this should more or unlimited, now IF I wanted to scan the whole HD C:/, D:/ & E:/ when I click on scan now and select My Computer profile how to I tell to go Unlimited files being scanned, and why Comodo has to design this feature for what purposes I know a lot people like to have EVERY file to be scan small or large is to make sure there PC is clean.

Edit: Sorry this looks very confusing

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20MB is a great size most executables and Almost all virus’s are less then 20MB
You may increase the Size as you wish; but I wouldn’t really recommend going over 100MB (Takes longer to scan if you have big files)

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Malware and files in general are usually under 20MB. Don’t forget that all big exe consist of smaller files and I have rarely seen files go over 20MB. I have therefore put don’t scan files bigger than 30 MB.

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That’s not relevant for the problem. Please refrain from adding this type of needless comments. It may be confusing.

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Hello Speedy Sorry that you are confused;

You’ll probably Never see a virus that is bigger than 20 MB; this is why the default is 20MB

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There may be viruses stored in big files. Typically archives with cracked version of official programs.

Why would we not scan these big files? The scan will take significantly longer.

But, then that is not safe, isn’t it? Not quite true. The malware will be seen when the package gets unpacked. That is still in time as it is not getting executed.

Active viruses are usually not big. Definitely smaller than 20 MB.

The size of 20 MB is a trade off between scan time one the one hand and still catching more than enough viruses with a limited size on the other hand.

Well the only problem I’m see on his laptop computer so far as I believe he doesn’t have an virus the nasty zombies, he does a lot of graphic work in Adobe Photoshop and believe me he got 6 different file sizes varies from 200mb up to 965mb their has to be away for Comodo AV to be able to scan these large files.

As he does a lot of graphic work in Adobe Photoshop, Paintshop etc etc and he does collect a lot of graphic from varies companies and these do come varies sizes, he also sometime he does get a large file up about 2gig of data in graphic work he really does wanted to used Comodo AV bout we’re both worried about Comodo AV can’t handle scanning very large file.

My Avast AV Free can handle any file sizes completely unlimited with no major slow down problem at all, I’m getting very worried about Comodo AV and their performance not been able to handle large this is very important. Believe me I’ve had a number virus in the pass when I worked in an Structural Engineering Design Firm using AutoCAD we had a dwg file size up to 900mb triggered to a virus inside a dwg, and it had to be deleted from server.

Edit:- These files could cost the companies million of dollars if these can’t be scanned because companies do not have the time for someone to redo their project work over and over again.

When talking about production/professional environment it is a good practice to set up a testing machine and test various scenarios for a period of time!!! :P0l

You can change the mentioned file size to a much bigger value. It can be set until over 1 GB but you will get a warning scanning may take long.

For a production environment I cannot stress enough, and I will do it over and over again, that you need to test it on a testing machine and test various scenarios for a period of time!!! :P0l

That is the only way to go. Don’t rely on end users experiences or thoughts. Your boss will burn you down when things go wrong and you did not test it.

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I’ve handed back his laptop computer this afternoon he was very please to see AVG gone out from his computer and very please to see Comodo AV altogether now Comodo AV/FW/D+/Sandbox/Cloud, since he been using Comodo free firewall I’ve been explaining to him for an hour how to used Comodo AV and he can also read the latest PDF manual file or go to the Comodo help through the internet.

His going to join in the Comodo Forum website soon as he was a bit concern I told him not to worried that I was a member too, so just give him time to allow him to Comodo the forum door I also told him that if he doesn’t feel comfortable using Comodo AV after 4 months of used and he agree to change to another AV.

Thanks for your help guys really appreciate because I’ve never used and operated Comodo AV before it was a little different experience fixing his laptop computer, since I’ve been using Avast AV for 8 years I might change over one day as I do love the Comodo FW :-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU

Your Welcome Speedy!

I’m glad everything worked out great!