Comodo AV & Avast AV - Just In Passing...


Overnight, I turned on the Avast AV and Comodo’s AV and ran them side-by-side on the densest disks that I have, for .jpg and .mp3 files - disconnecting security sensitive externals and those with too little load for a fair try-out.

Those two AVs had already spent a good few hours working alongside each other with no errors, no reported faults and the machine (for the on-access period, at least) didn’t slow at all.

But, when both were put on full scanning, together…OH BOY! I couldn’t even open my bedroom door at any appreciable speed, or pour myself a coffee quickly! Yeah…they went on slow-mo’ setting, straight away! But, slowness was obviously to be expected - there were no entertained doubts about that. What was a pleasant surprise is that they both sat there, getting along with each other nicely…and, both finished within a few minutes of each other and nothing was reported.

That wasn’t bad at all. I’m glad that they get on, together, that way. I don’t mean to sound romantic about them, because I’m not, but I was maybe over-aware of how slowly my old machine runs (it’s six years old, now, with no upgrades of any type.)

Now, all I need are some test viruses to sprinkle in their way for the next try-out!

Thanks for everything, you guys! (L)


Thank you TheGodSplinter!