Comodo AV and FW added ...

… to my site encoderX - Freeware Downloads Provider.

I have added the firewall and anti-virus to the ‘security and privacy’ section of my site (feel free to vote).

I have also:
1 - added the banners - site-wide
2 - dedicated ad. in the javagames section (right-hand side).

Soon be adding comodo AV and FW in my sig. at WebHostingTalk (Hosting Forum) where I am an active member.

Thank-you to the Comodo team - you truely deserve the best :slight_smile:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


I’ve made Comodo AntiVirus my sites ‘featured download’ .

I notice that SnapFiles has other Comodo software listed but, not Comodo AntiVirus so have submitted feedback to them to request admission ;D

Kind regards

all comodo apps: CAVS, CPF, BOClean,CMG, I-vault, VE, Antispam, Backup r suitable in ur list. I strongly encourage u to do so :slight_smile:

P.S: Welcome to forum, Fedz (:HUG)

Hi, (:HUG)

I’d add a warning about CAVS being in beta. When a user is offered beta software he should be always let know. :slight_smile: Plus you could be beating your purpose if someone decided there are better options right now and he didn’t know that CAVS is going to be hugely improved and revamped in the short term.

Thanks for your posts - appreciated :slight_smile:

I have changed the name to 2.0 beta.

To be honest I see no need to put a ‘beta warning’ as the download link is to and not direct from my site (mirrored) … so given I’ve updated it to 2.0 beta on my site and given the comodo site mentions beta also I figure people will understand.

At least I’m fully ready for the anticipated and hopefully quite soon - v3 :wink:

Again thanks for your posts of support and tips :smiley:

thanks Fedz, every bit helps!


nice score on CAVS vote : 67% fantastic
33% great.

:Beer :Beer :Beer cheers to that