Comodo AV and Avast AV

I think Comodo AV is superior but I installed a 2nd AV to get the Web shield and Network shield modules protection. I checked with EICAR everything is fine, COMODO detects way first the virus, if I say IGNORE then Avast Web shield comes in to block the virus. 2nd layer of protection, if ever! I have everything disabled for Avast 8.0.1489, but the Web shield and Network Shield. I don’t have speed or system slow downs. Only (not related???) my full time scan (always using CIS) is about 3,5 hours (usually without Avast installed and Open Office 4, it was 1,5 hours), it is slowed down very much on the Open Ofice 4.0 folder and files, and I know CIS didn’t recognize these file until recently. AAny idea? :wink:

I had the idea to exclude the problematic folder C://Program files X86/OpenOffice4/share/config folder from my full scan by editing it but THERE IS NO PLACE TO ADD EXCLUSIONS to ENTIRE COMPUTER!!! Would be nice to see that implemented! I intended to scan this folder at times with AVAST (I tested it scans very fast whereas CAV stalls on that folder for some reason I don’t know…!). Of course, I still can do the normal full scan and tell my PC to shut down when it’s finished, even after 3-4-5 hours, but it’s abnormal! My quick scans are very fast, no problem. May be uninstalling AVAST (only the Web and Network shields are on) or by reinstalling CIS6 or Open Office 4 I will find the solution to this… 88)

Is there something wrong with my CIS installation. Now my FULL SCAN takes 5,5 hours to complete (normally when AVAST was not installed (all disabled but the web & network shield…) it’s 1,5 hours). Even more troubling is my quick scan, now it’s 20sec whereas without Avast it was 20 minutes or so… Eventhough disabled, a second AV seems to interfere or my CIS installation needs a repair!!! ???
PS: I ran diagnostic, everything is OK!!!

At the end of the day… Both will have some conflict… That’s why you advised to run only one…

I have a second AV disabled, my full scans will stall for hours on some folders, I may either exclude them from scanning or let go the scan to completion while ticking “shut down at completion” under the scanning option ;D

Please create a new topic for this in the AV HELP section. We’ll discuss your situation there.


I already made a thread:
Of course, my trial is experimental and getting rhe Avast’s web & Network protection brings little more to the security CIS 6 already gives me. I’m a bit confused and surprised about the effects of a second AV disabled upon an active AV full scan. Well, even Windows security control panel warns you that running 2 AV at the same time will or may SLOW down your PC…!!! :o ;D

In that case I will split these posts from Feland’s bug report and merge this with your other topic.

The issue you are describing sounds like Avast is likely scanning, or at least monitoring, the same files as Comodo Antivirus. That would explain the slowdowns you are experiencing.

You noted that CAV would sometimes take hours to scan single folder. Does that still happen if that folder is manually added to the exclusions in Avast?

Still running tests, bearing in mind an AV is never intended to be run with another AV. Avast file protection was totally disabled, I disabled everything and excluded the whole computer. I have ON only their Web & Network Protection module. Now it does nothing. 3 hours or more to a CIS 6 Full Scan. Now when I exclude in CIS 6 my Open Office folders and Lexmark Printer folder (what?? 3 folders?) I had a full scan of about 58 000 files scanned instead of 257 000 and it took only about 30 minutes instead of 3 hours! No way to know if the cahe scanning optimization is working or not. Only hope it actually scans the proper way (AV way…) because in the end I can set the pc to shut down at the end of a full scan and there is no issue. I still waste some MB downloading Avast’s virus def. I don’t need because their Web & Network shield is proxy based I believe…! 88)

In the end, a second AV only screws your pc! Anyways, on test, Comodo was detecting the virus well before their web shield feature so it was useless. Use only CIS 6 and you’ll run safe. My full scan time is back to normal, 20 minutes!!! Just make sure you thoroughly uninstall (regedit) your 2 nd antivirus you really don’t need!!! :wink:

How is new avast beta working with comodo, anyone tried yet ???

not tried yet but i am eager to give a try.

That’s what I tried:on win 8 64 bits I installed from scratch the beta 1 and I had blue screen (it’s real “pre-beta”). I uninstalled thoroughly the beta 1 and regret having installed it. On Win 7 SP1 64 bits, I installed the beta 1 over v. 1489 (stable) of Avast, it gave more stable results but I uninstalled it the same because CIS 6 runs much better and swifter without a second AV even disabled. So I recommend using CIS 6 as the one and only solution not to have any present and future problems…! ;D

Finally you saw the light LOL! ;D