Comodo automatic updater [resolved]

I’ve been using the Comodo firewall for a few months now and am generally very happy with it (I changed from ZoneAlarm which I found had been cutting my broadband speed in half). However today I was introduced to the automatic updater and I have to say - it’s a real pain. The process moves so slowly it’s like someone had poured molasses over your computer and modem. I worked out that if I left it running it should take the best part of a day to update, and this with an extremely fast internet connection.

I can’t believe the servers could be so overloaded. If I’m going to have to put up with this every time an update comes along then it’s time to look for another firewall. Which would be a shame because in every other area Comodo is superb.

The download/update errors are caused by the flood of users trying to update at the same time. Comodo’s firewall has gone from being one of the web’s best kept secrets to being insanely popular in a few short months.

The updates, when available, should now be a mere blip in your bandwidth.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Hi i dont know if this is related or new problem, but all day today my comodo av and fw have been popping up to tell me that updates are available and would i like to install them, click yes other box pops up saying that internet connex may be lost after update, continue, y/n, click yes then nothing happens, as i said this has only been happening today.

on another matter i have noticed twice now(had your proggies 1 month) that cpf.exe suddenly uses 99% of cpu and slows everything down for ages no updates or anything that i can see is happening to cause this, only using taskmanager can i shut firewall down, then restarting firewall, seems to do the trick, but then that leaves me open to attack less i shut internet connx also,
This seems to happen only when i am online playing TFC, i have allowed all steam ports,etc for this, played lots and only twice in month its happened.
any ideas?
thanks for the proggies also :slight_smile:

OK, finally got the update! It took around 45 minutes in the end, so not as bad as I thought. Everything working fine now, I just needed a little patience! :slight_smile: