Comodo Auto Update (over and over and over again)

For the past week I have been getting the update reminders, and every time I do, I select DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL UPDATES.

The software begins downloading and runs through the whole process, and reboots, yet I continue to get the nag screens telling me there is a new update available. I have repeated the process three times. No joy. Every day it tells me again that there are new updates available. I appear to be stuck in a loop, in a loop, in a loop, in a loop.

Can someone tell me how to fix this broken record?? Do I need to completly uninstall and start all over with the new version?

Whats wrong with this thread? :-\,2270.msg17779.html#msg17779

No reason to start a new thread, when there is a thread about your problem. Just relax, and I am sure you will get some help sooner or later :wink:

I have talked to another person at work who is having the exact same issue as me. Since no one seems to want to answer I guess I will just have to uninstall and start all over.

Something is wrong with the updater program.

i think uninstall and install is a clean way forward.