Comodo at times cannot remember application control rules [Resolved]

There are times, I would say with some frequency, that comodo ver cannot remember app control rules nor does it accept them when I try to add them.So I dug deep into xp pro’s registry and found out that i am(as administrator) denied access to HKLM\system…comodo\appctrl (not at this moment very sure about the correct key path).So I googled for a solution and found subinacl.exe and with this corrected permissions.And sure enough on next reboot comodo is well and remembering things specially avast.setup which is about the first application that tries to connect.So there was the solution but I am at alost why this happens? Is some malware doing this? I also am I feel very well protected in that I also have Boclean,spyware terminator,avast,adaware 2007,spybotsd, spyware blaster and critical patches. What gives. Thank you. Incidentally application rules is on


I just would like to post an update to this. It seems to be an old problem in this forum and might have been resolved before seeing that I have yet to receive a reply to this. However,I think I have resolved this problem. What I did before( as shown in my first post) must probably (to me) too radical or drastic maybe stupid or dangerous. So I decided to completely uninstall the firewall meaning that after the usual uninstall, I purged Comodo from the registry including the legacy drivers associated with Comodo firewall. For the moment I also uninstalled Boclean as I was not really sure how to know which keys belong to either. After that I reinstalled the Comodo Firewall and it now seems okay. So I would say it was not malware nor was it Comodo that was at fault. I am very sure it was me!

Sorry guys. And thanks to this great firewall!!


I apologize Toggie in my haste to post a problem I have not really followed forum rules.

I connect via “fixed wireless” the canopy thingy not sure what it is really called.I am using XP Pro sp2 and connect to the internet in a limited account and maintain, install, uninstall apps in an Administrator account. As I mentioned before my version is application data base 3. I have Avast anti-virus (free), spyware Terminator, Win Patrol. I also have Spybotsd, SpywareBlaster, and Adaware 2007 (free). My default browser is OPera 9.23 secondary browser Firefox I never use IE and had set security in it in all to HIGH!. Incidentally I had set Comodo to block IE 6 before. But not now in my reinstallation as this might have been the cause of my problem.


Thanks for the update, mangyan, and welcome to the forums!

Typically the apparent mis-remembering of rules is due to the Alert Frequency levels, found in Security/Advanced/Miscellaneous. It sounds though in your case like it had something to do with an unknown error during installation; perhaps some other application interfered in some way.

Glad that a reinstall fixed the issue for you.


PS: Given that you worked it out, I am closing the thread as resolved. If you need it reopened, just PM any Moderator (please include a link back here) and we will be glad to do so.