Comodo asks repeatedly about Thunderbird and FireFox even tho their the same

I am confused about two things:

  1. Comodo repeatedly asks me for permission, even when I check the “remember” box and hit allow, for FireFox, Thunderbird, ExplorerPlus, HotKeys 2000, and other applications. It doesn’t seem to remember and the programs haven’t changed.

How do I get it to stop asking me for permission to allow these programs to work?

  1. When I do click the Allow button, there is often a Loooooooooong delay before the program closes that window and allows me to proceed.

Can you speed this up, please?

For your first questions , I think this will explain the process,6756.msg49499.html#msg49499

All in all once you train the system it’ll work just fine. The first few hours of the installation will give you pop ups according to the level of security you’ve set.

About the delay, I too get that once in a while. But it’s very rarely… I guess a “Guru” will explain or give a remedy to that problem :slight_smile:

  1. If you have a look in your Application Monitor, you’ll probably see several rules for each of the apps you’ve mentioned. If you look closely, you should see small differences between each rule instance. Usually this is caused by the application being started of invoked in a different manner, and CFP tracks not just what is starting, but what caused it to try to start. Alternatively, an app may require several means of external access.

  2. I get this as well. I’ve always assumed that this was due to the firewall waiting for the app to be in a “ready” state. You may have noticed that the longer it takes you to click ALLOW, the more instances it reports (1 of 1, 1 of 2, 1 of 3 etc.). This increasing number indicates the application is repeatedly trying to get out because its initial request was intercepted by CFP. My theory is that the delay is caused by the firewall waiting until the app is sitting waiting for an internet response.

I’d be interested if anyone from Comodo can verify this or correct it, as the case may be.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

I would like to thank both responders for their feedback.

I have been using Comodo for months, and that’s what puzzles me. Perhaps part of the problem with FireFox is that it is a new update, so Comodo has to relearn everything all over again.

But that doesn’t explain why it gives alerts with the other programs (Thunderbird, ExplorerPlus, HotKeys 2000, etc.) because they haven’t changed at all since I installed Comodo.

Thanks again everyone.

  1. Hopefully this thread applies:,6908.0.html

  2. I’ve never experienced any alert delays. Maybe because I answer quickly. Have you tried to lower the number of simultaneous alerts setting per given time to see if that helps?

I would like to again thank Soya and others for their help. Should I follow the example of the other person and attach the list of rules in the Application Monitor so that they can be inspected? If so, How to I capture them as there are many screenfuls and SnagIt’s scrolling capture didn’t work.


If you have that many entries in the Application Monitor, it makes me think you have your Alert Frequency set on High or Very High, so that you’re getting alerts based on Application, Parent, Protocol, Direction, IP Address, Port, and any and every combination thereof.

Check Security/Advanced/Miscellaneous. Default is Low. Egemen, the lead of the firewall development team, has stated he keeps his at Very Low, so he only sees one alert for each application, whether to allow or deny. From there the protection is all up to the Application Behavior Analysis, for any changes or suspicious activity.


I never changed the setting, which is set to Low.

Are you recommending that I re-set it to Very Low?

Do I need to remove any rules?


Let’s see the Application Monitor Screenshot first. You don’t have to get the whole thing. Just open it to Full-Screen, and get it to a section with a large number of duplicate entries, so we can see what’s there. Then capture the screenshot and attach it to your post under Additional Options.


I can’t thank you enough for all of this help.

I’m attaching the screen shot (I’ll try to do two if I can)

[attachment deleted by admin]

hondoe, that’s a whole lotta crazy you’ve got going on there!

Looks like the prime offenders are Firefox and Thunderbird; everything else isn’t bad. I hate to do this to you, but here goes (if you’ve already done so, my apologies)…

Click on each and every entry for those applications. Just a single-click to highlight, not a double-click to open for editing. Look down at the bottom, to the Details section. Check for ANY differences between the individual rules there. You may see some different Parent applications, if you’ve opened/run the program different ways. Maybe there are other variances, as well, that account for all those entries.

You don’t have to post all the differences you find; just let us know in general what you come up with.


I have 6 application rules and 4 network rules and I thought that was already too much :o

If the parent application is something other than explorer.exe, you’ll want to pay attention to them; whether they are recognizable or not…

I don’t understand this…It seems you all have set the security level either to low or very low…
Then why does the firewall have higher levels if the users are not using them.

And no one would dare to raise it to a higher level after seeing the forums…
hmmm…I’m sure there’s no single person in the community who has set it to very high…

I think power users who prefer the highest alert setting do not save/remember their application alerts. Therefore they won’t have that many Application Monitor rules.

I beg to differ:,2209.0.html

I’ve played with High and Very High, but normally keep it set to Medium. I don’t see an excess of requests to connect, and it gives me a decent level of detail when I do.


Out of 14000 plus member only 38 have voted Soya…So I don’t think it really counts…
But “technically” I was wrong, yes…cuz there were 6 users at the top level (:WIN)

Well all this time i was at medium…but i’m gonna go to Low(default) from now on…
Cuz I too have a lot of rules, 20 odd , just for Firefox…

Well, it’s no surprise that not many prefer that, but you didn’t ask for numbers now, did you? (:WIN). I thought you just didn’t think anyone would use the highest level. I keep mine at the default low as well.

The 10 votes for Very Low probably came after Egemen’s announcement, hehe! I’m not one of those ducklings… ;D



And I’m not one of those lazy ones for leaving it at default:,7361.msg53708.html#msg53708

I checked and all but one of the FireFox lines gives a Parent Path of my Hotkeys2000.exe program that I use to launch FireFox and Thunderbird each morning. That’s 26 identical lines! Why Comodo keeps adding lines is beyond me.