COMODO Application Agent Is Not Running

Ok, so this happened after a reboot today - I’d like to know what the actual effect is - does it mean that no part of CIS is actually running?

Oddly, I noticed that my VPN speed is also now significantly increased. I’ve never run the system before without Comodo, (I install it right after installing Win10), so I really didn’t know what my VPN slowness could have been caused by, but never thought it could have been Comodo (and no, I also don’t run the system without VPN either, so never checked speeds like that).

Or could it be with lots of incoming connections, the firewall is slowing things down?


I’ve been having the “Application Agent is not Running” error at boot up rather frequently recently. I think it might have started after updating Win10 Pro to 1903? If I shutdown Comodo by right-clicking the icon in the system tray, choosing Exit, and then manually re-start the “COMODO Internet Security Premium” app via the Windows Start Menu, it loads and stays running.

Anybody have any solution?

Hi DeathStalker77 & wpcoe,

Thanks for reporting. Could you please check you personal message and provide us the requested logs for further investigation.

Re-install CIS, you are supposed to uninstall CIS before upgrading to a new major Windows 10 release.

It appears to have resolved itself after a re-boot. I am monitoring the speeds, but they look to have dropped back down to what they were previously.

Which points to my question - could Commodo’s “inspection” of the incoming connections be slowing things down?

I may try exporting my rules and uninstalling it to test further.


You say that like it’s common knowledge. Guess I didn’t read enough of the T&C? ;D

Anyway, I just uninstalled Comodo Firewall & Dragon and reinstalled both. After the first reboot, I haven’t had the firewall drop on me yet. If it does, I’ll report back here.