Comodo application agent is not running

I am getting this message. It tells me to do a diagnostic check and then tells me it can’t fix the problem. I then make the diagnostic report. It says I have AVG. I don’t. I have looked in the scheduled tasks and did the microsoft autoruns and I am still getting the error message. What now?

Sorry, forgot to put what version: 4.0

TO COMODO: What… bamamom didn’t deserve a response?

That wouldn’t be so bad except that here we are, over a year, and SEVERAL versions of CIS later, and the problem persists. I’ve got the same symptoms (except that I get nothing about AVG). In other words…

…not every time, but about half to two-thirds of the time, after a reboot, CIS has a little yellow exclamation point in the lower-right corner of the CIS icon in the system tray; and when I full open CIS I’m told that the application agent isn’t running.

Running diagnostics results in CIS telling me that it can find no problems with the installation.

Looking at the logs, it seems that CIS’s firewall blocks cmdagent.exe (which is weird since that file is a part of CIS); and so I made it a trusted app thinking that maybe the problem would stop. It has not.

Why is this obvious problem with CIS being ignored?