COMODO Application Agent is not running!

hey, it says this down at the bottom of my anti virus screen, i may have turned something off in the startup menu, but im not sure. Thanks! O0

Hello Bennett,

Normally you could not cause this by changing settings in the GUI, does it show you the “Run Diagnostics” option on the Summary Screen, or you can try diagnostics on the MISC button.

See if it can fix the problem.

hey, i ran it and it said it couldn’t fix it, and i told it i wanted a report, and i attached it b/c it is redicusly long… could you tell me the keys to press to get a screen shot so i can post the sceen shot, and it has an error code and some other good stuff

[attachment deleted by admin]

Did you ran any antimalware/spyware scanners or something similar ?
Does the problem disappear after a reboot ?
Can you please check the windows eventlog to see if there is some driver failure there ?