Comodo application agent is not running!

I sometimes get “the comodo application agent not running” message in Comodo Firewall.
I’m not sure how to reproduce this bug, but it usually happens after rebooting when I have disabled startup-entries with msconfig (I think this is one of the causes). My other theory is that it has something to do with Avast self defense-module?
When I run the comodo-diagnostics it finds problems and I reboot and the error message is gone…

Today I went into Getright and disabled the “start getright when windows start”-feature, next time I rebooted I got the comodo application agent error

I wish Comodo would notify me somehow when this error occurs…for instance changing tray-icon or a popup-menu.
The only way I can see this bug is if I open the comodo gui, which I normally never have to do.
Isnt this a big security risk, isn’t the firewall completely disabled when this error occurs?
Or is it only the hips that is disabled?

Windows XP sp3, comodo, Avast 4.8.1229

any fix to this?

I have tried reinstalling but it doesn’t cure the problem

reinstalling doesn’t fix the problems in the diagnostics?

i doubt its avast. they run well together. i’ve never had a problem with the two.

It will be because you messed with the MSCONFIG, Just restore the original settings to a point when CFP3 worked.

EDIT: No, This is not a security risk because comodo reconizes the difference between a user changing CPF3 settings and malware.

I got this too. But with the newest version. v3.5.521 or something. 31 oct 2008 patch.

I also have avast… But I don’t have Comodo with antivirus I guess… Or I just don’t use it.

I get this problem after running ■■■■ Cleaner, Registry Mechanic or some other cleanup software. The only thing I have found to resolve this is to exit the firewall completely and then do a cold reboot.

Hope this helps.

Hi everyone, this is my first post here.

On XP64 (I run XP32 also without issues with the app) I have a problem where the Agent keeps stopping periodically. It stopped a few seconds after first boot, then when I close and restart the application (firewall and defence+) it works for a while then the agent stops again (with the red blocked sign).

I thought perhaps the service was crashing so set it to automatically restart if stopped. Didn’t work. Checked for malware with malwarebytes antimalware and the system is clean.

The comodo diagnostics show nothing wrong but the main page says “COMODO Application agent is not running”.

Any ideas?