Comodo application agent is not running...(It is!)

Ok, as said in the subject: the application agent (on CIS premium) is not running (yellow exclamation mark on comodo system tray icon). Diagnostics says everything is ok. Cmdagent.exe is running. The ‘COMODO Internet Security Helper Service’ is running. And no: I don’t use avira antivir or any other antiviral software (why would I, Comodo has it all).

This problem seems to always appear when I shut down my computer for a few days; did on windows xp and now windows 7 ult. (with all updates).

Frankly, this is starting to really ■■■■ me off. Can anyone tell me a solution to this problem? Or lacking that, recommend some other - possibly better - free firewall program for me.

Did you check with Task Manager that cmdagent.exe was not running (please make sure you have “Show processes of all users” enabled)?

Could you try to set the Comodo Internet Security Helper Service in Services (Control Panel → Administrative Tools) to always and immediately recover after it has crashed? When in Services select the Comodo Internet Security Helper Service → right click → Properties → Recovery. Now set as shown in attached image.

See if that helps. Other than that I could not think of anything else than a clean install.

[attachment deleted by admin]

First of all, thank you for a quick reply.

Task manager showed that cmdagent.exe is running and I couldn’t shut it down so I could restart it. Anyway, I did the changes you suggested in the picture ‘Comodo Internet Security Helper Service’ and then restarted my computer. That did the trick and ‘All systems are active and running’ now. Thanks!