comodo app agent not running / wont start back

i have a “no” symbol over my comodo icon in my tray. when i open it in red it says my comodo app agent not running. run diagnostic. when i run diagnostic it says everything is fine.

at the same time this started i have a application box that is trying to run and i cant close it. the screen shot is attached. if i click “show me the msg” my screen goes black like you turned off the computer and the video mode is changed. i can not get it back without restarting machine. when it reboots into desktop the application msg from the screen shot comes up again immediately.
if i try and ignore and just close it, nothing happens and it doesnt go away.

any ideas on this?


[attachment deleted by admin]

I would suggest a clean install. Uninstall CIS and reboot. After reboot delete all Comodo related folder in Program Files, Program Files\Common Files, and under Documents and settings (XP) or Users (Vista). Then do a thorough registry clean with a tool stronger than CCleaner. Then give it a new try.

Don’t forget to export your configuration before the clean install. Go to Miscellaneous → Manager your configurations → Export → choose the selected config and save it in a folder that will not be erased when uninstalling.