COMODO Aplication Agent is not running!

I encountered this error in this evening accidentally, when i opened firewall gui to see the status of the aplication… I run the diagnostic and found nothing.

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Its probably best to to a complete uninstall and reinstall. That should take care of everything. I use Revo Uninstaller.

Firewall is not initializing… He stays in this state about 2 minutes , after that this error apear. Today it’s the first time whan i encountered first serios problem with this firewall. But in matter of stability nd security this is not good… I didn’t noticed until i opened the comodo interface.

I put a crash dump here - maybe helps in anyway… I think we must find the cause of this unespected crashes because i’m not the only person with this kind of problems, nd here we talk about a firewall - with it should be better than other aplications in matter of stability…

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I also had this problem and the diagnostic utility found nothing either.

However, after a reboot everything was working fine and it works fine to this day.

That’s probably a minor conflict in the background which caused this issue.

I encountered this problem on the newest build:

Please follow my instructions as previous posted and let me know what happens. Will only take you 5 minutes. If any application isnt working properly its always best to uninstall it and reinstall it.

I uninstalled and installed again and now works fine… But still, after windows finish complete boot-up, the firewall still initialising, after that “all sistems are active and running” . Now the firewall is initialising wery slow. Other security programs i have is Comodo Boclean and Nod 32 V.3. Hamachi VPN is another network aplication that start with windows automatically.

I also am running Comodo and NOD32. You don’t need BOClean. Comodo is always the last program to load in the systray. You might want to try defragging your boot files and hard drive. Also try cleaning out your prefetch folder.

for me it was the security in "services "…(administrative tools )…had to boot to safe mode…go to program files …click security…advanced…“find”…add “system”
to the list .give it “full control”…worked like a charm…xp-sp3…