Comodo & AOL Problem

I have tried Comodo with AOL Active Virus Shield. I use AOL dial-up and the Comodo - AOL AVS combo works good together, however I do have a problem. Like I said all works good while surfing, but when I tried to disconnect from AOL dial-up I could not do so. I had to manually shut down AOL software using Task Manager just to get offline. I have not had this problem with any other firewall and AOL AVS so the problem has to be with Comodo. I just don’t know what the problem is. I do not currently have Comodo installed because of this issue, but I would like to reinstall it if anybody has any ideas why AOL dial-up will not disconnect while using Comodo. Also when I give outgoing internet access to AOL Topspeed through Comodo the CPU goes to around 90%. This has not happened with any other firewall either, just Comodo. If anybody has any ideas how to solve this issue I would appreciate it. I would like to reinstall Comodo if I can resolve this issue. I have Kerio 4.3 installed right now and I have read that Comodo is much better than Kerio and I want the best Comodo.
Thanks in advance for any replies and any help you can give me. (:SAD)

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Well first of all, you have to temporarily deal with the annoyance and uninstall Kerio/Reinstall Comodo so we can troubleshoot and diagnose the problem rather then taking random stabs in the dark.

I have dealt with the annoyance as you said. I reinstalled Comodo went online CPU went to 90%. I couldn’t surf or even open my mail. When I tried to sign off AOL dial-up did the same as usual it hung and would not disconnect. If I can’t surf, I can’t reach this forum so I have solved the problem myself. I uninstalled Comodo again and installed another firewall that is working perfect with AOL AVS. I will now stay with what works. Please don’t take what I said about staying with what works the wrong way, I know that Comodo is a excellent firewall I just can’t get it to work without problems on my system. Thanks for your reply.