Comodo Antiviruspyware

Should I stick with Avast or go with Comodo Antiviruspyware because I have a very good feeling about Comodo Antiviruspyware that it is going to be the best. (L) Sorry if I posted it in the wrong section.

I like CAVS, I believe Comodo has a serious approach to produce the best antivirus in the near future. However, they’re not there yet, with 2.0 beta. I think you get better security if you stick with avast. On the other hand, CAVS has HIPS, which is good.


Thank you for your input. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:
Don’t hesitate to ask if you have further questions!


The antiviral program is working well for me. I am much happier with it than the firewall.