Comodo Antivirus

Comodo Antivirus has improved a lot in all aspects now. But I find it still underrated. What you think may be the possible reason? How would you rate Comodo Antivirus with the competitors? Is it in your top 5 free AV?

Your Top 5 Free AV Plzz ( Only Free AV’s)


Number 1 in detection as a “single” engine, so you are right that it has improved a lot!

I only use CIS so definitely the top.

I can’t tell anything about detection rates.

For CAV integrated with CIS:
Concerning resource usage, there’s much room for improvement.
Scheduled scans are a real pain - working while a scan is running is impossible on my laptop. And while the signatures are updated, it’s the same.

Also, some additional features would be nice - for example optional different handling of files based on the thread type (for example just a hint window for fun applications instead of a virus alert window).
And a command line scanner. Also the possibility to trigger signature updates by command line would be nice.
So you could use the windows scheduler to create much more customizable tasks.
Finally it would be nice to be able to select the file types to check (or to check all files) - I’m also missing any documentation which file types are actually checked by the resident and manual scanners. (Actually the whole documentation of CIS doesn’t provide detailed information about it’s actual features)

For CAV for Mac:
This seems to be dead before coming out of beta stage!? Latest post from egemen is from December 2011. At least no one fixed the issue, that the language selection doesn’t work correct since over half a year.

I didn’t try the versions for Linux (I canceled CRD, since it told me, that at least 512MB of RAM are needed to execute… You should do something about the resource usage)

As for free ‘only’ avs (the signature stuff: detection, desinfection) I would rank them
1: the 3 great ‘A’ ( lol :slight_smile: ) : AVG, Avira, Avast - the not only good in detection but also good in healing and have low fps (false positives).
2: all the rest avs what can heal and has low fps
3: CAV yes, it’s good at detection but still has relatively high fps and cannot desinfect files - just removes them.

My top 5:

  1. Avast
  2. Comodo
  3. MSE
  4. Panda
  5. AVG

I use Comodo’s AV mainly because it’s coupled with D+ (and the FW).
I wouldn’t use on its own.

Not that its issues are serious on a per case basis (too many FPs, CPU spikes and so on), but because alone (and without D+) it wouldn’t be a winning proposition.

I wish Comodo would concentrate on the core products instead of wasting money and resources with sterile exercises like two browsers based on two engines (Chrome and Mozilla).

Google is more focused…


I would use Comodo AV on it’s own. It’s better than any other free AV product at blocking and detection overall. Fact. I use my Comodo AV with max settings and these days I don’t get any FP’s.

On your second point I agree but since Comodo is a big company they can surly do much more things without neglecting core products. Any company with a brain will move further and won’t stay just with core products.

I too find Comodo AV better & use with defaults & no FPs here. And hope V6 brings more options/settings & changes to Comodo AV.

In all recent tests CAV is weak at false positives - much worse then any other freebies. And it cannot disinfect files - CAV just deletes them. So only D+ approves existence of CAV.

I agree CAV should be able to disinfect.

FPs, I dont get now. But each has his own experience & types of programs one run in their system.

Honestly, for 3 or 4 years of using CIS I have never suffered from the FPs - but all tests show that CAV have them larger then other good freebies. And I want the CIS to be better them in FPs as well.

Which tests? Done by whom? We all know that many independent testers are not independent at all and take sides where money pays. I trust more to youtube guys. Well that’s why you have CCE. Plus many people use Comodo for just blocking and detection but for cleaning say where Comodo is not that strong apparently I will use Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.

Can’t wait to see CAV in VER 6! It would be a killer! 8)

Plethora of tests.
Maybe you know tests where CAV beats other venerable avs by less fp rate?

Try installing VMWare player (any v4) and you will see one! Adware.Cinmus 88)

I see. I don’t know any big names as testers but I seen some videos on youtube which proved my point.

IMHO youtube testers cannot check fps - only malware detection. Am I right?

I seen few where they counted FP and that way they knew. I need to find them again. Been a while since I seen them.