Comodo Antivirus

Could somebody tell me when the Comodo Antivirus,and Firewall, (Free Editions)
Will be available ,Vista Ready.?

The new firewall is currently undergoing Beta testing and assuming all goes well could be ready by the end of the year or early next year.

There is also a new version of CAVS under development but this will also have to undergo extensive testing before it is released. Hopefully this may also be ready early next year.

It is impossible to put an exact date on final releases as products are going to be thoroughly tested prior to release so the best we can do is a rough estimate.

I personally still use XP but as far as I know the excellent BOClean is satisfactory with Vista.


By the way N.T.T.W. do you have a new date for when the CAVS V3 will be released ?


CAVS 3 Beta = soon. ;D

Final release cannot be predicted really, depends on how well the development goes and what new features are added as it goes along.

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