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I have used comodo antivirus beta 1.1 .It slowed my pc down.Is the new one faster?

I have noticed a huge difference on all computers after switching to the latest Beta. There are no hangs anymore and everything works much faster. This seems to be common and the majority of people are saying they have noticed a big improvement.

Make sure you check through the various posts regarding uninstalling beta 1.1 as some people have had problems - there is an uninstall tool available:

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I like to know if The unninstall problem is solved In latest beta?

I trust Comodo with my firewall and anti malware needs but i have bought avast for my anti virus…now the subscriptions are due on my Avast, how do you think Comodo rates against Avast? Can someone give me the good news so that i can save some money?

arjunpa, CAVS Beta 2.x has its own uninstaller. It’s not using Installshield’s any more, and there haven’t been any issues like that which Beta 1.x experienced/caused for some users. Having been one of the users with problems, I think I can speak confidently on the improvements for installation/uninstallation for CAVS Beta 2.x (which I’ve installed/uninstalled several of, in the course of testing different versions.). You might also want to look at my post here:,4755.0.html to further explain what I went thru.

Bader40, this is the $64,000 question, over which there is some hoopla. Compared to other “major” AVs, CAVS current database for filescanning is considered by some (maybe even many) to be deficient. Some AV testing that focuses on this have rated it very poorly. Others, however, have ranked it very well in this same area.

There are some factors to consider in this scenario, such as:

How are the tests run?

What age of malware files are they using as test subjects?

Frequently, what happens is that a whole mess of viruses are loaded onto a test system, and then scanned with AVs to see what catches the virus (or other malware). A lot of times these are “old” viruses; they’re not currently in use in that variant. CAVS’ definition files are “new” and may not include the specific DATs of these out-of-date malware, while the “major” AVs have these files, regardless of how useless they may be in the current day.

The other side of the equation is that CAVS focuses not only on detection (ie, filescanning) but on prevention in the first place with its application-based HIPS. The idea is that with the HIPS, you get to catch the malware before it gets a chance to execute (thus stopping an infection before it can even start). Whereas, the filescanning only catches it after it executes (which means it has already infected the computer).

When the next version of the safelist (used by HIPS) comes out, it will be huge in comparison to the current, so that any alerts will likely be for malware. If you poke around the forums here in CAVS, General, and Security, you’ll see plenty of posts dealing with AV testing, HIPS, and Comodo’s plans for securing personal PCs.

I know that’s not a direct answer to your question, but I think choosing an AV is a personal issue. I have CAVS as my primary AV. Naturally, I am quite capable of inadvertently allowing something to run that I shouldn’t, so I have an on-demand-only AV as a backup scanner. :wink:

Hope that helps,


Thanks LittleMac, i’m gonna have to have a long think about this one.

while you are thinking about that… make sure to get the Free Comodo BOClean Anti-Malware…

its best to have this whether you an AV or not :slight_smile:


Sorry, Bader40, I should’ve mentioned BO Clean as well; a product that’s been around for years, and has recently joined the Comodo ranks. Very lightweight anti-malware application that runs in the background to provide real-time protection. Unlike typical AV or AS scanners, it will prevent any malware which it identifies, from executing. So there’s no mess to clean up after the fact…

In addition, as I understand it, BOC’s 10+ years of definitions are going to be added into CAVS database, and some of its malware-finding characteristics as well. This will greatly improve CAVS overall capabilities. Plus, Comodo is working to make CAVS even lighter on resources…

Although it may not be the solution you’re looking for now, I think it will be in the near future (like, say, a few months…).


CAVS will benefit from it’s database.
Is BOClean going to get CAVS database too?
Is CAVS going to benefit from BOClean technology at some point (memory scanner etc.), and is it this year, next?


It is very tempting to create one hot AV/Malware product… but of course keep the option to download boclean on its own as well…

but I am tempted to create on super duper AV/Malware product, that is faster than the fastest one and catches as much if not more than the one best detection out there… (:LOV)


So BOClean will remain a specialized tool for trojans, rootkits etc.
But CAVS will get the tech? (i’m eager to try CAVS out, waiting for the dust to settle).

Thanks Melih, i’ve already downloaded Boclean, now all i have to do is to reinstall Spyware terminator…i assumed that there would be a conflict between the two products, got that one wrong…by all accounts. (:NRD)

I have decided to trust my PCs security to Comodo and will also download CAV ( I’ve not been disappointed before)

Keep up the great work Melih! (:LOV)

Just one small thing, why doesn’t windows security centre recognise CAV? I have had to tick the box marked i will monitor the antivirus program myself.

It doesn’t recognize it because MS hasn’t coded it in there yet. Which in my estimation probably won’t happen for some time after it gets out of Beta.

For users that don’t have a high level of awareness of computer stuff, or what is going on with their computer, WSC is probably a good thing to have (like the “oil” light on your car); for users that pay attention to such things, just like the oil light, they know it’s basically useless (and thus, they disable it entirely).


Thanks Littlemac, it was a little matter…but it was bugging me.

I’m off to check the oil level in the car now, it’s been a while since i ventured underneath the bonnet. (:WIN)

I have used Avast Pro. for some time and am quite satisfied with the softwares effectiveness and efficiency. That being said , I am following the interesting direction and mindset of COMODO and the security software programs being developed. (:CLP)
I am sure I will take CAV for a run some time in the future, but for right now, Im curious to see where the decisions lie with the whole discussion of “program integration”…stand alones and ‘central control’.
Given everything Melih has stated, I am positive CAV will continue to strive to be the “strongest and effictive anti-virus/spyware” developed.
Keep up the great work,
I’m anxious!

Oooh me, bigger better faster more. Woohoo! :BNC

Gimme gimme gimme gimme!!! ;D


he he… oh good… you are now finding all the clues i have been planting… like they did with the clue i had planted about a year ago… :slight_smile:


  • If you use CAV as your on-access scanner with HIPS enabled it is recommanded that you disable HIPS on Spyware Terminator.

Greetz, Red.

While it is probably better to disable one of the HIPS (your choice, but I’d turn ST off), I have run them both concurrently without issue. ST usually gives a popup first, then CAVS. But I had ST at a different level of detail than CAVS.

Anyway, just FYI.